Friday, December 14, 2012

Russia Should Do Their Number Work!

Russia Steps Back From Envoy’s Comments on Syria

MOSCOW — The Russian Foreign Ministry distanced itself on Friday from comments by its Middle East envoy, who was widely quoted on Thursday as saying that rebels in Syria are making significant gains and may defeat President Bashar al-Assad.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told the Public Chamber, a Kremlin advisory group, that it was “impossible to rule out a victory of the Syrian opposition,” in comments that were immediately made public by Russian wire services. The statement appeared to signal a turn in the nearly two-year-old conflict and presented new evidence that the Syrian president was losing politically as well as militarily.
A statement from The Foreign Ministry which was published on its Web site on Friday, said that Mr. Bogdanov “has not given any announcements or special interviews to journalists in recent days,” suggesting that his comments were given informally and not meant for publication.
To be frank,  the world didn’t expect Russia change its stand without any compensation also we don’t believe  Bogdanov  made a such statement without prior Kremlin approval. Anyway, we are welcome Russia if they can see truly what is going on  ground( obviously they can see so clearly ) and ready to jump on the bandwagon rest of world, still Russia preserve their position middle east (reminds  Muslim population is 2 billions around world), sentiment of Muslims re: Syrian issue,  Russia should consider!  If Russia thinks, they can still get out something by sheltering on terrorist Assad wreckage ship, hold on criminal hand, well then that is up to them. End of the day numbers! But they come to open discuss with rest of the world then this conflict may will be less bloodshed.  Also Russia should consider, terrorist Assad chemical weapon hangings over their forehead, in any event he used it to Syrian people Russia should full responsible for it! 

BTW, in my view Russia try to this issue bring into the the useless unsc( it has been it will be useless for the Syrian conflict) where they think they  power to veto! In my view this is only can solved it military action, no Geneva agreement either, no breathing space for terrorist  Assad, this is the only way, no more let this deadly game  play around by the bunch of lair terrorist and hypocrites. We know now who they are, simply international community stand firmly one direction,  arming FSA revolutionary so they can effectively bring this conflict forward! To be frank do international community need Russia solve this Syrian conflict? No I don;t think so, outside of unsc they are dead ducks! the above Bogdanov statement probably testing the current, how the world react! Russia is irrelevant! With or without,   the  FSA Revolutionary going to Win! No one change them, no one able  stop them regardless what the world think, if the world provide them proper cool weapons the ending is much quicker!