Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yesterday Enemies Today Allies


Opposition fighters groups including a hardline Islamist unit seized a government army command centre in northern Syria on Sunday, forcing more than 100 soldiers to
flee, a monitoring group said.
Jabhat al-Nusra, a group suspected of having links with al-Qaeda, helped Opposition fighterss take over the site - part of the 111th regiment base in the Sheikh Suleiman region of Aleppo province, which is on the country's northern border with Turkey, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Some fighters on the opposition fighters and army side were killed, while around 140 soldiers fled to another military site in the area, the Observatory added.

It is a such shame if  al-Nusra condemn  as " terrorists'' that is bit  Hugely unfair, their prowess skill of deployment front line and bravery, so far they never intentionally killed civilians but only terrorist Assad gangs. I think US et al should harness  them instead condemn them. I think also lots of FSA revolutionary not only get benefit from them but also certain extent depend on them also if harness them instead of condemning,  it helps smooth to the  post-assad  on the ground. In eyes of the many Syrian they are heroes  as while west abandoned them al-Nusra fight for them. Also even differences idealism but they have integrity on the ground, as they have no reason to be corruption!   Yesterday enemies today allies we have to that! I don;t care who they are, what their ideology is  but they helped Syrian people when all world was silences while  the unspeakable sadist terrorist Assad and his gangs commit in such inhuman crime in Syria,  so in my eyes nothing but heroes  of Syrian people! My heroes too knowing they helped Syrian people end of their suffering!