Monday, December 17, 2012

Up To the Syrian People

Syrian VP calls for 'historic settlement,' national unity government

(CNN) -- Syria's vice president is calling for a "historic settlement" of the country's civil war and the creation of a national unity government, according to an interview with a Lebanese newspaper to be published Monday.

"The solution has to be Syrian, but through a historic settlement, which would include the main regional countries, and the members of the U.N. Security Council," newspaper al-Akhbar quoted Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa as saying in excerpts released Sunday
Al-Sharaa, a Sunni Muslim in a government dominated by the country's Alawite minority, was rumored to have defected to Jordan in August, but he later resurfaced in Damascus.

Syrian rebels have said they are open to the idea of al-Sharaa leading an interim government -- an idea proposed by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in October.

Davutoglu told Turkish media then that al-Sharaa is not to blame for the mass bloodshed in the country…

I believe, at the sinking ship some of regime members of worry about their faith, that is fine but terrorist Assad must go that is condition, to be frank  except few of his cronies all of Syrian are victim of this criminal Assad his family. Now up to the Syrian people really! As this is another option too!  BTW could we ditch the unsc if possible…? They are useless bunch of old cheap Chartism Christmas decoration sneering snarling lights flicking on , take out year after year without any meanings.   Clearly terrorist regime losing, as his regime officials able to make a such  statement. 

Update: my spelling, I am so lucky that people all understand my wording even if I made wrong spelling!!!