Sunday, December 2, 2012

Who Bombed Homs?


It is clear that, terrorist Assad bombed Homs for blaming to FSA revolutionary. Iran and Russia are supporting terrorist regime because of their own interest! Russia is delight by exercising their power over west at unsc, where Russia build their ego place a expense of millions of Syrian people agony. While they provide arms and money  criminal Assad regime along with Iran, because suite them! Where is Russia gets unreserved power? but I sure you Russia will be lose a lot? Also US et al big fuss about now how Iraq let the Iran arm carrier pass thought, it is common sense that anyone can trust Iraq government to make sure to check every Iranian airplane? Do not kidding yourself! They are all corrupted. Both side bombing each other!  Wonder this left two questions of if Syria become a failed state 1)who gets most benefit from it? 2) what  will be happen the region then?