Friday, December 28, 2012

Bomb Rain in Syria

Russia marines carried out exercise at Mediterranean Sea near Syria as preparing for possible terrorist attack of their Naval base, yeah terrorist  Assad attacking!

The below from very well known revolutionary at Homs
Regardless of everything!!! How can Russian and is a major and essential partner in the killing of Syrians to lead a political initiative to save their lives?!?!
After three vetoes,  all of sudden, Russia is a primadonna fairy for calling for mediation all parties negotiation for solving this bloody Syrian problems as "Time running out for this bloody problems!" And they say they deeply concern Syrian conflict, Syrian problems is their internal problems.  While  Russia deployed their naval ships embark at Mediterranean Sea ready to protect their interests,  terrorist Assad gang went to meet their masters, cling on Kremlin pipe string for their survival. Their masters told terrorist Assad gangs that they have to talk with their opponent, same time Russia invited the Opposition to talk, the Opposition chief said " Nop we are not going to Russia to talk, but we are open to talk to anyone! You condemn criminal Assad his regime first....! "    AND WHILE, massive bombing and killing around Syria! Why?

Update: In my view Russia must to come to clean their hand and, stop supporting criminal Assad first, least that way they can start from any point. Syrian people after all of this, they will not back down, half -barked  tearful crocodile plea to ask the Syrian Opposition come to a negotiation table, well that is insulting! What is called protecting criminal? There is no such honor code for criminals, criminals are criminals!

Update: Russia has supplied arms and money to support the terrorist regime while they keep saying " Syria is internal problems!" Now the terrorist Assad is losing so they want to talk with the Opposition!