Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Cold War

What is becoming more evident is that when it comes to Syria, Russia is not just fighting to protect its last remaining ally in the Middle East or its only naval base in the Syrian port of Tartous. 

Rather, Russia is seen to be fighting a second Cold War with the US in Syria. 

Russia’s fear is that once the US elections are over the President would officially and openly provide weapons to rebel fighters in Syria to topple the regime. Russia is doing the same by feeding the Syrian government with a lifeline of weaponry. 
The ones paying the price of this rivalry are the Syrian people.

Russian officials have gone on and on about how Syrian people should choose their own destiny without outside interference. They say this believing, like the Syrian government, that the conflict was instigated by foreign agendas not by a homegrown rebellion. 
Yes Russia is complete two faced, out of unsc they have no power that is they try to bring into the unsc while they provide everything and  deeply involved, agony of Syrian people! 
http://blogs.aljazeera.com/blog/middle-east/hijab-russia-denial-over-syriaAs Syria Unravels, 
Russia Tries to Bolster Future Position

“It’s a symbol of post-Soviet history,” he said recalling the legacy of decades of military, diplomatic and economic partnership. “And psychologically, it is very difficult for Putin to refuse.”

But, on the ground in Damascus, realism may be prevailing.

The Russian embassy has started to evacuate some of the thousands of Russians citizens who live in Syria. Many are Russian women who married Syrian students during the height of the Cold War alliance between Syria and the Soviet Union.

Yeah, end of the day, if you do right thing there is always good outcome! No one need to be angle but it is common sense, that is why I see as jihadist radicals( THEY ARE THE MOST SKILLED FIGHTERS!!!)  under ground is solvable problems, that is  US and West snail mindless product! HAHAHA......!!!