Saturday, December 22, 2012

NO-FYL-ZONE Heroes Hooray!

Al-Nusra Front (Jubhat al-Nusra), a group of fighters in Syria, has declared what it called 'no-fly-zone' over Aleppo, stating that the Syrian regime's army is using commercial flights to transport military gear and troops.
In a video sent to Al Jazeera, the group warned any civilians of boarding commercial flights to avoid being used as human shields.
They also confirmed laying siege on the al-Nairab airfield, adding that any plane over the skies of Aleppo will be targeted.
Al-Nusra told Al Jazeera they will use anti-aircraft guns of 23mm and 57mm caliber to down planes.
The US, earlier this month, has put al-Nusra on its list of terrorist organisations.
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Hooray Al-Nusra Front hero! I don;t care whoever they are, they helped Syrian people they fight for Syrian people, they are imposing  No-Fly-Zone so they are my hero!  Thank you,  Al-Nusra Front!