Sunday, December 16, 2012

Take Advantage Both Side of Coin

FSA  revolutionary on the ground, do not give the world community excuse not to help them, it is very hard to think rationally and critically not to emotional about but what the FSA revolutionary, need US and West help to deliver successful less bloody revolution. Every resources the revolutionary need now.  West et al not  interfering but their own interest they can not afford not to help Syrian people successful revolution. they want the region is stable.  If I were Syrian people I take full advantage both side of coin, we take advantage of what West and US offer same time, we take advantage what the courageous, eminent  al-Nusra heroes offer to us. That is not necessary going to be free Syria to another Islam extremist state or West US colony  but Syrian  people need expert fighters in their sides and also what resources  US et al offers to us. Everything whatever available must utilizes  to win this battle. Not only arms for the front line  battle but also make sure civil system in order, delivering  civil serves to the people liberate areas and post terrorist
Assad too. International community able to help lots of these.  So  the FSA revolutionary  people  don’t give  advantage  of terrorist Assad  excuse this “ extremists Al Qaeda, etc…. So the FSA revolutionary on the ground , need hard critical thinking, in this case we have to think head not heart, where is everyone coming from. We need take advantage of both side; well oiled West US and  well skilled fearless al-Nusra et al. I know it is hard, West et al  didn't help Syrian people last 20 months,  as the international politics is heartless, but the ground revolution don’t burn the bridge.  US and west they have phobia of al Qaeda, I think message enough cross to the US what Syrian people think of fearless al-Nusra, from now the revolutionary must message cross to the international community that  their determination of post terrorist Assad, Syria is  free for all the Syrian people regardless their sects  their religions. We also need someone out there selling this revolutionary too. The revolutionary consider everything is resources which can be utilized successful this great project for Syria!