Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Time to Change the Deck!

1)      Russia secretly mobilize warship for evacuation  of their citizens  in Syria. They made statements of admissions and denials of their ditch-non-ditch honorable-non-honorable camaraderie terrorist Assad dummies.
2)      Iran also hold hand with Russia and saying they are not ditch-never-ditch-but-already-ditched terrorist Assad for sake of their cheap-loyalty card for their last card for their deck. And they are unduly conformation of  terrors Assad ship is not sinking but they are salvage work at his already sunken ship.
3)      Syrian Opposition trumpeting their foghorns” be merry, be happy, come to our ship, we save you! We will not kill you, you will safe with us!”  
4) I say it is a time to change the deck!