Monday, November 30, 2009

Dr Dolphin, The Deep Sea Therapy

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Cure Cure all! Magic potion!! I am pretty and smart! I am deep sea personal counseling, a cool-wiz Dr Dolphin Psychotherapist! I am warm and caring, With Knock-Out Credential! Of all a Wiz, specializing “Dysfunctional Human System!” Result of our clan centuries researches for the humans evolution, all your human have pickled with neurological disorders; the current human global down turn! Caged with your own straightjacket, genetic disorder deep ill-fated inferior complex, deep frenzy frozen turkey brains, traction not standing up - droopy down syndrome, warble warble faky stupid petty syndrome, dysfunctional political nerve systems, social un-resting deep depression –suicidal, mess killer – grandiose hallucination etc… limitless of our problem solving are. We straight up your spinal code which enable to you standing up with your own two ugly feet - Walk fast! We also make your feet pretty too! Please visit our site!!

The below images are, we particularly interest in:

All of the images are I pouched from Wikipedia Or Google
We constantly are asking question, what is the normal anyway?

Update: Slinky Dr Dolphin Song

Dolphin Song

Here, is human species
O pickled with inferior complex
Gowned feeble with vanity
Her little useless voice is no ripples
gathers no waves around her
No views no voice
Only bears of triviality
O come matter of view
Ill-fated human species
Business! Deep sea

Update: Young Sun's comment;
I must say I didn’t know how smart Dolphins are, I researched bit, and found they are incredibly smart animals. It broke my heart to see how intelligent they are. You can very easily felling in love with them, I also think they are very beautiful, sorry to say we human are very ugly compare to, I have to say.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dogs’ Life

Wht a beauty!From Wikipedia - Click on the image to enlarge

“Hey you “Ollie” what a wonderful dog you can be a great dog soup! I made a joke, to my dog lover friend's dog. They consider Ollie is their child. They were terribly upset my joke they didn’t talk to me for while. I had to profusely apologized them with my wild un-diplomatic joke. They know Korean eat dog and saying to me, “how could you people so barbaric and primitive!” etc. You can imagine. Your child eaten by another human! Dogs’ life; dog soup (chicken soup), dog barbecue (chicken barbecue), eaten by human! Yes gruesome ideas for people who dearly love dogs, consider they are part of their life. We human are carnivores and eat another carnivores! To eat or to be eaten! Our theme of life!

Wow, I grow up with dogs, as far as my memories goes. One of my earliest memory was, when I was two years old, I was wearing with red skirt with white dots and carried with a succulent pot plant with my dog. I was a strong girl then well still do. I think he( I can not remember but I think “he”) licked my feet so I dropped the pot and it smashed on the ground and I was giggled loudly because of the tickles. Yellow colored, of course very beautiful and smart my dog, my dogs were always beautiful and smart you know(I know later that it was a hybrid mongrel Jindo dog)! His nicely crafted wooden house not far away from the main gate, under a persimmon tree. So some one opened the squawky heavy wooden gates, he was front of the gate. I was always scrubby because of playing with him, so I was told “don’t sitting on the ground!” Don’t feed him while you are having meal! I wonder why then I scare of germs now! A good question! My grandmamma comment was” no man will marry you because you are so scrubby!” it was horrible curse for old days in Korea. Anyway the dog died few years later I think, he ate poison which used for mouse trap, they said. He laid his yellow body didn’t’ move on the garden shade under my window. Opened eyes I could not understand what was going on then, I was calling him but he never wiggled his tail his eyes were blank gaze. Why all the dead animals opened their eyes? I though he was sleep but they said he was poisoned. Un-jo dug a hole, under a pine tree, soft dark soil his golden color fur, buried him at a pine/bamboo forest near house, nice spot for my beautiful dog. At night I could see the forest my window, sometimes moon rise sea and dangled top of trees, my dog would be a heaven and cried for while, one day my little titled cute baby baby little dog appeared, my grandmamma said it was re-incarnation of my dog so my life was move on. Learnt life and death in my early age. Almost always nice spots were occupied by splendidly carved tombstones.

Sleepy village, we had almost every household had dogs, gorgeous baby dogs gave away for free. Seeing sad eyed females’ dogs their baby was taken away. It is nice to be born with human you know! Not everyone eat dogs. Certainly women didn’t, but the thing is “dog soup” consider as a “stamina or aphrodisiac = Viagra”, this were human become animals and their killer instinct begin with. Especially when summer, elderly and (also young) men were sitting under cool tree, looking at the cyanic idle hot summer, boringly aimless waves sparked at the shore and then make them into some of full blooded thinking. Their old habit dies down hard and yearning for their sexual prowess. The universal theme – the song sheet. The continuity of mankind. Viagra=dog soup! - I know all of you are taking Viagra for sure! How many, how often are you taking it? I bet you believe, your pivotal prowess bedroom(outside or any places that matter) performance the barometer of your manhood! Thus the village men were hoping and saying ‘ hey we going to have dog soup and dog barbecue for our tattered drive, squalled rejuvenated our manhood explosively, let’s have dog soup!” It has been a culture and with their whole life so they don’t consider it was as barbaric. I think it was always summer. Their old lusty memory evokes their fading sexual vitality for one last chance of explosion! Are you not agree? I think it is a psychology, mind map, kind of my brain tells me you have to do exercise every single day and it makes you less cranky. Right!

Actually, there was a little feeble goat bearded man who went around brought dogs, I didn’t know then or didn’t think that way but all these dogs end up a big city for dog restaurants. Except breeding dogs. Truly, they didn’t killed village dogs but they exchanged or brought dogs from the dog-man. Least their didn’t eat their own dogs. His bicycle attached threads into dogs’ collars and rid through the villages. An occasion, one of my friend’s dog has been sold by his parent while he was at school, after he was so upset, his father went to reclaim the dog. So when we saw the dog-man hanged around village, we hated him so much, ganged up and through at stones at him while we were hiding in a bush while he was passing isolated road. He was speeding up his bicycle like a sprawled in a mutation. The killing animal usually carried out when we were at school, because we were kind of flees, an eventless backward village any events were incredible jouissance. Everyone knows everything what was going on their neighbors, we knew what went around these exciting events. They can hardly hiding anything from us. We knew everything what was adult talking you know what I mean. We were outsmarting then their hidings.

Bosintang- or Viagra day! When we came back from the school, just knew, the smell, strange greasy unpleasant smell breezed around village, some of other village older men were also hovering around at cool shade then we knew unusual event in the village; a temporary black pot under shades, fuming away feeble steam at the tiger lily nest. Carnivorous beasts and beauty kind of thing. O yes kind of barbeque party in southern summer, at the beach, wooden village communal festive dining table lay out. Bottles of alcohol from our brewery also presented there. Women no where to see but only men; yes men’s aphrodisiac summer party for their dreary dreamy summer nights.

Jouissance! beneficial or not, I think, most of women were against their men eating dogs, because of such an intimate relationships with their dogs. Well still they were waiting for their amours nights, their rifled sexual prowess lover for under cool stars. An ultimate origin of human expression!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where The Hot Love Affairs Is!

Yes! What a hot amorous burning spot in the world. You can see where the hot love affairs is! This article from the Heritage says all the juicy stuff: Click on the image to enlarge
...Asia is home to more than half the world's population. Freedom and tyranny live side by side across the region, as do economic opportunity and poverty East and South Asia have some of the best places in the world to do business, but they also have some of the worst. Asia is home to some of the most unstable, dangerous nations in the world, and it is home to some of the most steady and reliable. It is also home to the only country in the world capable of emergng as a peer competitor for global American influence - the People's Republic of China.
For all gutsy wiz hell rising Frontiers! March to the East! Here is your oysters! Leave your old staled nagging wife ("spouse" should be, political correctness) and going east for chasing for new young different Love! This is your theme of life! She can be wild pigheaded and pain in ass but she will bring you life of colors, dynamic and wealth! She makes you never boring! Beware! Beware! She is temperamental and dangerous, so you have to master the “art of the war” beforehand to conquer her. Otherwise your soul and heart will be sucked by her hungry tracheas and left you dead. All of you, wiz frontiers with your imagination and innovation welcome! Love conquers all remember this!!!

Mermaid invitation: Where is night never end where sun is never set, romance with sunset, drumming your heart under cool gaze of lovers eyes under coconut trees at a banana republic, gasoline lamps lit at perfumed jasmine, food is good, wine is bloody and people are exotic, all wiz frontier come to east!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Positioning of The World

The below is interesting trend, a chart from Prof Makinw’s blog as his thanksgiving gift, so my interpretation the world economic trend as:
1). Middle East & Africa: dol dol dol…dol dolll…ul…, calm even vanilla syndrome.
2). Latin America: dill dil... diol…dol..dil doll…dolll… matter of fact obligatory syndrome.
3). Asia/Oceania: dall…dall…dalll up…up up dul up dul up dul down dul up dup du hard core indecent syndrome
4). USA: dual dual down dual up dal down dup up dam down dam up up down won down…jittery sudden syndrome.
5). EU15: dod down down dul down down dul up donw own droopy down syndrome.

Your Jingle of Day – O Happy Day!

This Norman Manea’s article from the Project Syndicate read;
As Thomas Mann once wrote: “Freedom is more complicated than power.” Freedom changes the frame and substance of choice, and of individual and collective responsibility. It highlights the contrast between initiative and apathy, enterprise and obedience, competition and total dependence on a state that embodies a kind of unshakable fate. Just as slavery must be learned, step-by-step, in order to survive its terror and tricks, so freedom must be learned in order to face its risks and opportunities.
Freedom! Well yes, mighty freedom pissing freedom, dogs’ springs’ devils, and yours and my freedom! O yes what is the “FREEDOM”? We don’t, well as long as you are human, with thinking brain, you have no such as “freedom” we are all in a system of our own creation, sometimes convenient for us so we called them “freedom” sometime it is inconvenient for us we called “something else; slavery or socialism or communism or something”! All governed by how much you have; that can be power or money whatever you call it. Everything has its cost, there is no such thing as “freedom of free lunch!” right! Freedom has freedom cost and slavery has its own kind of problems…, you can not have everything. You can not have day and night together. When dawn breaks the darkness faded away, you faced on new waved canastas of horizon each day. You have to play the game of day by your given melds, end of the day whether you gain something or nothing, that is the game of the life. You can mourn by unable to have both side of decks but what can you do about it. I supposed that is called evolution of our life. Good or bad, swings with the great trickery of our life that offers to us. When you are surfing the wave in your way you feel less frustrated by and if not you feel miserable. We are all in a huge cage within magnetosphere, rat races, round round… contest who is more strong, you or me? hey you “LIFE” I shall learn and conquer your unavoidable faith, keep racing racing every single day, And one day drop dead…

O happy day! This is your jingle of today!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food Self-Sufficiency

The article from the Economist, which sums up the world current food situation. The new trend is “food self-sufficiency”
Perhaps the most striking trend is the move from “food security” towards “food self-sufficiency” as a goal of national policy. The first means ensuring everyone has enough to eat; the second, growing it yourself. The Philippines says it hopes to grow 98% of the rice it needs by next year, though whether it can meet this target is unclear. “Indonesia must struggle to reach food self-sufficiency,” said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last year, announcing big increases in seed, fertiliser and credit subsidies. Senegal imports 80% of its rice, putting this small African nation in the top ten rice importers. Rocked by food riots in 2008, the government responded with what it called the “Great Offensive for Food and Abundance”, and promised to become self-sufficient in staples. Others with the same aim include China, Malaysia, Colombia and Honduras.
Hunger was there in my village, though no one obviously staved because of the Korean culture, everyone helped each other out, so people need food go a house where work for food and shelter, or crops what they need for barter. There was a small social security but for people actually disabled or elderly people who didn’t have children to depend on. In these days in common in our village. When these two essentials solved, people don’t need much money to daily bases. Even if you don’t have money with old and sick still you were looked after by the villagers. That was a nice tradition. So I didn’t’ know fully what it mean hungry until I was in my university and I could go out freely without much restriction to see things. I saw big cities are different. I was shocked to see so many people acutely was hungry. No one cares in the cities. In Korea “soup kitchen” kind of originations are not very old. Ofcourses now days are different. So if you didn’t have money to buy food that was it, end of story then. Few of my friends were hungry too. After uni fees and books. Sometimes they didn’t have places to live so they stayed around libraries.

One of my friend, who was brought up very religious back ground, he could not find jobs and could not afford his fees altogether with food and shelter, went to a church, played to his god day and night, ask for help and whenever he had time. But the help never came so he had to stop his university and he spited a church ground, never looking back his god altogether. Remembering his hugged eyes, saw his desolation and disappointment of the world he cherished so much and wanted so much part of it.

So many wealthy counties people they don’t know these, they only see through their rose color view of hunger, charity to their extent generosity yearly ritual. Feeling good about their generosity but we should do much more then that. I bet you feel a little guilty with your cozy thanksgiving feast!!! Hummb… while lots of children are staving you know! Anyway I am glade to see the trend “self-sufficiency,” We, human are incredibly resourceful! “If you can not go straight into it and go around it!” That is Alan says

Nice nice indeed the trend…!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stamina for Scumbags Exterminator!

This image from Wikipedia
Wow I remember this dish! yam yam Samgyetang, yam yam my grandmamma Samgyetang tang!!..., what’s new Samgyetang? Stamina Samgyetang! Inside chicken tummy, there should be dried dates, ginsengs, chestnuts, gingers, sticky rice and garlic and many different types of herbs inside stuffed with thrilling yam yam tasty trickeries grow and melting into abreacted heat. Hot summer evening traditional Korean stamina dish. The ceramic pot is still boiling in the dining table, you are sit bit distant until it cooling down, and you are served a potion of stuffing and meat. The stuffing is very very tasty, you would never know what I am talking about hence you never tasted it! they are nothing like to have in a restaurant.

Remembering, number of headless chickens, lay their emptied guts, silenced hullabaloo stretched their feetless legs shamelessly regard on a basket. I went straight into the chickens’ cages whether some of my favorite chickens have been killed and end up at the basket while I was in school. Of course they did it. They always did the killing job when I was not there so I could not yelled at Un-Jo. Un-Jo been with us since he was a child, he was an orphaned distant relative, a was part of family, a kind of managing, oversee the field work e.g, I called him uncle, he was very handsome, quite and intelligent but he was a something of real killer. I watched his killing animals with awe, I was hidden a distant rock or top of trees, if you were caught by doing this you were punished(standing up a corner of room for an hour while grandmamma was reading her script…watching me!) so I was always careful. I didn’t know why but I knew when these killings happens; ordinary killings, or mess killing when a special occasion or visitors at home e.g.

Wonderment, his expert killing animals, his hands movement and his face; healthy glow and emotion. Think of it, he was enjoying in these killing! Very fast, a chicken e.g., if it was in a field, he snatched it like an acrobatic motion, hold its legs, walking toward like a graceful male dancer, the chicken was twitching its head down in his hand, toward its end; quirk quirk… he took it to the killing spot at the behind barn, put its head at a wooden chopping board and slating down with an axe to its head, eerie noisy quuukkeeii… the chicken head off its body and dropped under chopping board and blood splurged from its body to air and to the ground.

The killing was a pavilion of summer afternoon. The blood, bright vermillion to dark crimson colored soil, his dark amber handsome face, and his blooded huge hands and plastic apron are guarded with sunset in his stipulated shadow. And he took the lifeless thing to the back entrance of the house, there would be a huge black pot was waiting with boiling water. After no one around I went to inspect the site, sometimes I see the dead chicken heads too, motionless eyes half gazed and strewed at the dusky sky. I was once caught by him, he smiled at me but he didn’t say anything. I tried to mimic his skill in my killing frogs same way as he did but not the same. Frog and chicken are different things you know! I think I was little afraid of him acutely! But my brother loved him. They were very good friend, he made him kites and took him catching wild ducks but never took me! I don’t know why? He was very a decent man, but because his killing animals I was naturally distant I think. He killed everything; rabbits, chickens pigs and dogs (one stage I was deeply worried that they might eat my dog too, so I made very loud and clearly my dog can not be eaten, this supported by whole family! Pet dogs are friend of family they said. But I could not trust so I could ask him for his assurance, and he promised. I will write a dog story another day in here) and also ducks.

Now, go back to Samgyetang, I though that, wow it was too hot to eat such yam yam! But now I am thinking that it makes me really boost my lethal energy and to beat hell out of the all scumbags with aids this evil genius Dr Who’s ---Prof Krugman’s suggested--- the robotic troops. Fight with them; eyeballs to eyeballs, mind you these scumbags have no brains, morbidly depository of low self-esteem and stashed with inferior complex. So if anyone challenge them, they can not handle it, they think that is put them down, so just raged with their button size egos, buzzed buzzed… gosh they are the chickens, chopped their brainless gutless heads off and put them into summer heat for boiling to feed their end.

Unaggressive, I cursed them with “death of losers” twittering their little testicles egos, yes, their button size egos are the leeches of their feeble manhood. I know that “REAL” men are they know who they are rarely show their egos, which are well guarded underneath their aplomb. Cool as the Antarctica glacises. They love challenged by their peers, ease with other people’s challenge with amusement and compassion. After all they know who they are so they never bother such thing.

I will ask Alan for a gift! Give me a hot-cool stuff that I will bash up all the useless brainless and feeble unimaginative little pricks and send them to a lethal chopping board!!!

He would say don’t do “Young Sun”! Don’t bash everyone’s heads with your unguided missiles!

Do you think am I heading toward an evil megalomaniac? Or am I already a megalomania?

Monday, November 16, 2009

What is the NORM anyway…?

This nice Prof Peter Singer's article make me think of the agreement of significance and insignificance.
Dr. Cook had little time for such subtleties. Only “a very na├»ve doctor” would think that giving a person a lot of morphine was not “prematurely sending them to their grave,” he told Fink, and then bluntly added: “We kill ‘em.” In Cook’s opinion, the line between something ethical and something illegal is “so fine as to be imperceivable.”

This kind of human confession is, humh… essential for our life. Imperfection, inability to drew a line that what is proper what is wrong. But then what is right? What is wrong? Anyway! I am not sure what is called this but I am sorrowful this kind of unavoidable situation, make a human life so worthless. And these Drs had to make a fanatic choice, who to live who to die. “Hey you, woman you should die because you are useless in our society, squander precious resource! Hey you, man you are useful in our society your contribution will be save for mankind so you must alive! Fair enough! But then this world everywhere this kind of things happen, cold and deliberate, cynical about human life that no longer sacred but only gowned as; religion, culture and usefulness, and all sort of things etc…different names and colors. “Usefulness” if the usefulness in our camp ok but if the usefulness in an enemy’s camp so that is a good enough reason to be dead too! But I suppose we are living in a world that with full of contradictory. That is part of our life, the nature. Undisputable and indestructible force of our nature. Eat or to be eaten. Neither ever romantic nor abstract, just cold sorrowful reality in charge. I think, this kind of choices is not human punishment but rather the way our life like that way, unavoidable choice we have to make our life sustainable. Pure human emotion beem taken over by pure utility. Negation of all our seductiveness to a pure survival. Probably that is good enough reason? Sometime we have to make a choice to make a gruesome moment is bearable. We have to make a decision what is best for the circumstance, we simply obliged it. We are not betrayed anyone just the way of dealing things where norm no longer exist or applicable. What is the NORM anyway…?
Yet! Unquestionable testimony of our life that not only deeply beautiful but also morbidly ugly!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Sleepy Village Radical Change

Surprise, surprise! I had another dream again few night ago. By the way I had a nightmare few days back, but I don’t want write lolly polly the nightmare, instead this dream. This time I was in my village. So I had my time capsule machine on turn back to where I was a little? No I think I was a visitor in my own village. They said that it was a war, but the war was very old style, a kind of war in period of Three Kingdoms of Korea. Like the above picture with more people. But scales were a very small so it fit into a tangling foothill where I could see whole view. People with dark brownish clothed, moving around, soil elected layers of field, like the spring seed just planted mount. Field has little bellies. And upper side was a dusky and lower side less dusky ambaries, time might have been just after sunset, not yet dark but still can see the foothill, fading into darkness. The lady was the commander of the war, as a usual very firm authority and unforgiving way, velvet gloves with iron fisted lady in her full performance. Everyone followed her as everyone knows she is very smart. And all of the sudden changed the scenery, lot of people in a small space, not open spaces so it might have been a room. Now this war has been changed into making a movie. So we were become bundles of extras. We were moving one form one motion. So the lady said, we push backward and forward each other end, and given to us a the above image (milddle) geometry patterned wavy dark brownish colored garment, under that the garment there were a layer of people with painted faces like aborigines, were moving same motion as the garment, that was how making a move. Not clear but clear enough, the mood was stuffy and airy motivated feeling. Everyone eager to participated, neither happy nor unhappy. And all of sudden the view of the whole village street appeared. There were ladies wearing Arabic dress- beautifully made and embroidered, very expensively dress with hijabs, I think few men there too, wearing long Arabic traditional cloth, walking and riding old carriages leisurely on the street. So I asked someone beside me, where all the ladies come from? They said that they all live in the village. So I acclaimed, saying “ O man O man! This really changed really changed, foreigners in our village? Don’t kidding me please! O Man what happen in this village! I was start laughing myself, keep saying O man O man what happen to this village… unbelievable unbelievable this incredible… I laughed and woke up… and was thinking that could keep going for another half hour so that I could see whole view of changes…

Monday, November 2, 2009

O Korea Korea, You Come From Long Way! Forward!

Courtesy this nice article and picture to NY Times

O Korea Korea you move so slowly, one steps forward few steps backward, carefully the pure bloody tattered stinking derogatory medallion in your “ han” breasts! Where you come from? No No land the land everyone invaded and made you insipience, so you made a consolation in your hate and sorrow for “pure bloody blood” crap as the way you could love yourself bit and have a bit of dignity! But that makes you not irreplaceable magnitude to the world. That made you backward! Caged yourself as a hermit loneliness for while! But you had to stand up for firmly to the bullies and against all the odds and build yourself as strong as today! You are now strong and beautiful that make you desirable and as a huge potential but then without your wisdom there is always inferior complex in your forehead! So no more dangle your useless derogatory and hypocrisy! Open your heart proudly who you are with sincerely to the world. It is time for move forward proudly. All the shameful and painful embraces as a part of your unforgetful history as the foundation of who you are today, suffered and survive against all the odds! You Korea, come from long way! Forward! SPEED UP!!!

In South Korea, a country repeatedly invaded and subjugated by its bigger neighbors, people’s racial outlooks have been colored by “pure-blood” nationalism as well as traditional patriarchal mores,...
The government and media obsess over each new report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, to see how the country ranks against other developed economies. A hugely popular television program is “Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies” — a show where young, attractive, mostly Caucasian women who are fluent in Korean discuss South Korea. Yet, when South Koreans refer to Americans in private conversations, they nearly always attach the same suffix as when they talk about the Japanese and Chinese, their historical masters: “nom,” which means “bastards.” Tammy Chu, 34, a Korean-born film director who was adopted by Americans and grew up in New York State, said she had been “scolded and yelled at” in Seoul subways for speaking in English and thus “not being Korean enough.” Then, she said, her applications for a job as an English teacher were rejected on the grounds that she was “not white enough.”

Update:We Korean women are much for brave and courageous than Korean man!!! All La la la take that… also more beautiful than your ugliness take this too!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Van Gogh, What a Great Bastard He is!

The Van Gogh letters made a book here and here. I read some of his letters, my painting teacher introduced me start with that I should read them. Then I always thought that how life could so unfair to the great man, but I no longer think that way, on the contrary he was a deeply privileged man, as he could excess the secrete of life where not many people can or could excess. I think he was a great philosopher in canvases, like the Tolstoy in his wordings.

An endlessly flat landscapes…seen from a bird’s eye view from the top of the hill … vineyard, harvest cornfield. All this is multiplied to infinity and spreads like the surface of the seat to the horizon….
….the color is exquisite here… When it gets scorched and dusty it gets not lose its beauty, for then the landscape gets tones of gold of various tints, green-gold yellow-gold, pink-gold, and in the same way bronze, copper, in shore staring from citron yellow all the way to a dull, dark yellow color like a heap of particularly clear, bright blue --- green blue, and violet-blue…

He is in love the field, all the existent; unconquerable power of life, the cycles the passage of time; newness and death, yet the deathlessness, longing for eternity yet see the fleeting, the loneliest blue distant and lusty heated soil, the endless progression of field, the destiny of our life, the breathing of colors and lines. All in there! All existing and surviving in harmony in destruction and beginnings. He is exotica with the field the hues and the sky, all the things in there mesmerized him, he is alive he is most alive in there; turn him into their world of composition which no one can see but only him. In return they open most intimate, secrete side of their life open to him; in a gratuities and most loving way. The field, the summer, the sky and the distant the fleeting moment, represents only for him as a whole! There he can be the commander of the myriad, the most beloved and the most wanted guest, after all he is most normal and most human in the composition! What a great bastard he is!

Sell Sell Kidneys for Food!

O yes, Sell sell, sale of kidneys! Healthy kidney here! Matches your condition! Ladies and Gentleman here are your noble deed kidneys! Here are some of the hottest kidneys of history. Stalin, Hitler, and Mao Zedong and Kim il Sung kidneys, all customer made! Perfect matches your taste! All conceit, injustices, follies faithfully serviced their mankind obligation. No errors, heartless, all moral gone with wind, sprit of supplies and demands pure logic here is the bargain! Your well being is the heroic reason only! Here is bidding starts! This Hitler kidney is meaning of million suffering, meaning of gas chambers and his spiritual wellness is well documented facts; follies and atrocities! The starting price is $1million! Mere a million! Ladies and gentleman you never get any better bargain than this! O yes, the gentleman at the corner with gold pampered glass, ex-centrifugal repetition in his little face, aged with grumpiness, agile as nimble stone, O yes mere $1millon! Any another offer? O yes here is the lady in the front row, a velvet tart with relentless carrot smile, affliction with arrogant and coddles with dimmest, wants $2 millions buck for the Hitler’s organ! A great offering! O yes you lady what a selfless offering! What a saints like offering lady! Any more offer? Your craving is my ponzi deed! The heroic madoff is my ripoff idol! Pleas don’t tipoff! Anymore offer over $2 million? One for $2 million! Two for $2 millions! Three for $2 million! The Hitler kidney sold the for the lady in a terrible purees with Mein Kampf, the recipient of this kidney is a universally hated humanity of deviation!

Ha ha… this kind scene we might expecting not so far from a distant future at an auction house for kidney auction! Why not! I don’t know much of the human anatomy as what is the result of removing one kidney from a person! But I do know and believe that people can have a choice over s/his body if the choice is not violets other people right, and that can be a chance of improving s/his meanest existent, why not! As I agree in the Peter Singer’s article a choice of this Filipino.
…it showed a slum dweller in Manila who sold his kidney so that he could buy a motorized tricycle taxi to provide income for his family. After the operation, the donor was shown driving around in his shiny new taxi, beaming happily.

This article also interesting!