Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny Goethe

Most of people don’t understand dark side of deviance, hilariousness delightfulness of artists, unless you are one of them. You have to  live with ten thousands headed monsters, if you let them take over to you then you become madman if you coddle their mischievous wit well then you may strike lucks in creative.  Goethe, you utter infatuation and appreciation of his finest dark side human nature. I still can not believe he is dead! He is so damm breathtakingly funny and has profoundly cunning wit; sometimes wonder how could he so incredibly descriptive in nature of nature. Anyway here is some of his talking:
To me the mountain masses are nobly dumb,
I don’t ask why they are, or where they’re from.
When Nature in herself was grounded
The ball of Earth she neatly rounded,
Delighting in the mountains and the deep,
Setting rock on rock, and peak on peak,
Sloping the hills conveniently downward,
Softening them to vales, gently bounded.
They grow green, and joyfully she ranges,
Without the need for any violent changes.

Yes, so you say! It’s clear as day to you:
But he knows otherwise who saw it too.
I was there, while the void seethed below,
Enduring all that swollen, fiery tide:
When Moloch’s hammer forged cliffs, at a blow,
And flung the ruined mountains, far and wide.
Those foreign boulders scattered through the land:
Who knows what forces left them high and dry?
Philosophers all have failed to understand,
The rocks are there, and we must let them stand,
We’ve damaged them, already, where they lie.
Only the true believers, the people, know,
And nothing will shake their fond opinion,
They, since their wisdom ripened long ago,
Say it’s due to Satan’s wonderful dominion.
The traveller climbs, with faith’s crutch, over ridges,
Across the Devil’s rocks, and Devil’s bridges.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Love No End

Liszt, uhm…, something of heartbrokenly utterly sad romance. But then love is always heartbroken, if not that is not romance! Right? If you don’t know what I am talking, you don’t know what is love is, so you are a loser! Put on a blanket in your head bit cry. Anyway I have neve seen any romance happy ever after. I think love made that way. Romance is short and intense, like brilliant fire burn brilliantly with intense for a short while, so need a fire extinguisher on and gone…, people don’t love each other often stay longer because they don’t love each other to end their romance. Just stay together until their grave, buried together and put their grave stone as a medallion of their without-love life logistic longevity. Like a hero’s bravery, stay a such long period without being love each other, indeed you need a medallion for the globigerina endurance! And they hold their skeleton hand together and cracking each other marble teeth and fraud their grave yard wind. So stop pretend you are in deeply in love your spouse !!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Get Away from the Numbers

And running into the beauty!   

Thinking of tyrants’ endings. all of them met similar faith, a bloody death. Utter ugly all the power money all they could not take them with their grave but went empty hands.   

Sigillary I

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Joyful Affair

What a joyful occasion! A creature enviable nature, ability of seeing things so glorious way ofcourse can be nasty way too.   Gauguin’s infatuation nature and his lust of life.  I don’t believe much of art critic’s point of view dissecting paintings. enjoying paintings or art must not serious but joyful affair, feel good and happy affair, like the music, see feel rhythm, colours, movement, and our indestructible life.  Feeling of endowment our immensity of the nature, as our nature itself is the nature. So this paining is unbelievable joyful, comfort and alive, make us lively!  Nature has rhythms, his intuition captures all about our life itself. I am bit tired of gloom doom economy nasty human nature so I am change bit of nice to ourselves!  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Great Future of Libya

Libya alternate economy  would be many difference possibilities, as a huge country with vast natural resources, vast natural beauty  and small populations; tourism, o yes the vast desert sunset with vast wealth of  hidden treasures beneath the old benevolence  soul,  agriculture development as there is fossil water, also economical hub for North African  countries, and technology another sector. Often oil rich countries have its own curse as people don’t have to try hard, a stiff competition like Korea, our  stiff competition begin with a cradle, Korea doesn’t have natural resources but only have human resources.  Indeed Libya is blessed with so many ways now they have freedom to do whatever they like. Gosh been thinking what we have seen how they fought for their dignity last 8 months,  well yes that kind of mind set and finest ingenuity that is twin souls of victors.  It would be a very nice to discover  foot steps of our forebears on this earth before us  under the vast sound of silences.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

End of Tyrant

Gaddafi is dead!

My friends,  awesome revolutionaries, set the score nicely blood to blood! Now we are the winners and tyrants are the losers!   Revolutionaries  have been keep saying that they are going to give him a  fair trail if they captured him alive! Ha Ha,,, probably not!  Road is clear moral is high, we can move the earth for sure! Let’s go my friends!   Open the horizon looking into the sky,  fair and just! Have a great day my awesome friend!  You have done a great job! Again your incredible fortitude and  courage are finest example of the freedom fighters around the world  who are fighting for their creed, the betterment of the humanity    

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Traders And Rodents

Here from the Economist - IF THE losses at UBS that surfaced this month were caused by a “rogue” trader, would that make his colleagues stable? Not if research being undertaken by John Coates, a neuroscientist at Cambridge University and a former derivatives trader, is anything to go by. His work suggests that hormones drive investment decisions to a far greater extent than economists or bank executives realise. When traders are on a winning streak, their testosterone levels surge, sparking such euphoria that they underestimate risk. When they are acutely stressed, the adrenal cortex produces a flood of cortisol, a hormone that can make them overly fearful and risk-averse.

the Economist
Wining or losing all becase of your hormones!! Traders life is rats life!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Water Water- Controlling Bottle Neck

Brahma Chellaney from Project Syndicate: Artical about China’s rise as a hydro-hegemon with no modern historical parallel.
...Asia’s water map fundamentally changed after the 1949 Communist victory in China. Most of Asia’s important international rivers originate in territories that were forcibly annexed to the People’s Republic of China. The Tibetan Plateau, for example, is the world’s largest freshwater repository and the source of Asia’s greatest rivers, including those that are the lifeblood for mainland China and South and Southeast Asia. Other such Chinese territories contain the headwaters of rivers like the Irtysh, Illy, and Amur, which flow to Russia and Central Asia.
This makes China the source of cross-border water flows to the largest number of countries in the world. Yet China rejects the very notion of water sharing or institutionalized cooperation with downriver countries. … 
In addition, China has planned the “Great Western Route,” the proposed third leg of the Great South-North Water Diversion Project – the most ambitious inter-river and inter-basin transfer program ever conceived – whose first two legs, involving internal rivers in China’s ethnic Han heartland, are scheduled to be completed within three years. The Great Western Route, centered on the Tibetan Plateau, is designed to divert waters, including from international rivers, to the Yellow River, the main river of water-stressed northern China, which also originates in Tibet.
...As with its territorial and maritime disputes with India, Vietnam, Japan, and others, China is seeking to disrupt the status quo on international-river flows. Persuading it to halt further unilateral appropriation of shared waters has thus become pivotal to Asian peace and stability. Otherwise, China is likely to emerge as the master of Asia’s water taps, thereby acquiring tremendous leverage over its neighbors’ behavior.  Keep reading.
Feeding more than a billion people not easy, water is the Source of life all things. Building a huge dam for custodian of water more than just worrisome. What if the drought and dam gone bust?  In history, most of great civilizations were built along side of rivers, all the modern big cities along with rivers. Prosperity and ruinous civilizations are all based water.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dealing With Ineqaulity

Here from Project Syndicate : Nouriel Roubini says inequality is the key to social unrest!
Even before the Great Depression, Europe’s enlightened “bourgeois” classes recognized that, to avoid revolution, workers’ rights needed to be protected, wage and labor conditions improved, and a welfare state created to redistribute wealth and finance public goods – education, health care, and a social safety net. The push towards a modern welfare state accelerated after the Great Depression, when the state took on the responsibility for macroeconomic stabilization – a role that required the maintenance of a large middle class by widening the provision of public goods through progressive taxation of incomes and wealth and fostering economic opportunity for all.
Any economic model that does not properly address inequality will eventually face a crisis of legitimacy. Unless the relative economic roles of the market and the state are rebalanced, the protests of 2011 will become more severe, with social and political instability eventually harming long-term economic growth and welfare.

Every countries have their own forlk heroes, in Korea, Hong Gil-Dong, Australia we have outlaw convict cool beared bush ranger Nedy Kelly and UK Robin Hood etc... think of them,  they are all rogues but loved by  people forever. Centuries later they become a kind of human-model, everyone loves rogues dark side romantic walking on edges. I think even if we are all in super tech-fast 21st century, we still want to our heroes are all extraordinary, dark vengengeful and dashing, and bloody courageous. That is why bloody revolution around traps. That is why we need a wise leadership and a smart governments. A wrong systems and stupid leadership are union of corruptions and begotten of social unrest

p.s. gosh my spelling is ever getting right???!!!!! 
I am right and the spell is wrong?! That is simple way straight spell out.
By the way what happen, I made so many spelling mistake the comment above( which I have to rewrite it) because I forget to turn back to the languages setting in English after I used another language for spell check and I was half sleeping in my bed when I was writing, sorry!!! I have to bit of more careful of my writing, as my brain goes one step ahead of my fingers

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dancing Through Minefield

From Project Syndicate-George Soros: the leaders of Europe all understand now they can not  “Kicking The Can Down The Road” . Here is Soros says the European countries how to dance through with a narrow minefield, a radical step;
Let me stake out more precisely the narrow path that would allow Europe to pass through this minefield. The banking system needs to be guaranteed first, and recapitalized later. Governments cannot afford to recapitalize the banks now; it would leave them with insufficient funds to deal with the sovereign-debt problem. It will cost much less to recapitalize the banks after the crisis has abated and both government bonds and bank shares have returned to more normal levels.
Governments can, however, provide a credible guarantee, given their power to tax. A new, legally binding agreement – not a change to the Lisbon Treaty (which would encounter too many hurdles), but a new agreement – will be needed for the eurozone to mobilize that power, and such an accord will take time to negotiate and ratify. But, in the meantime, governments can call upon the European Central Bank, which the eurozone member states already fully guarantee on a pro rata basis.

Close two eyes( you must at a narrow mindfield, see your third eyes)  and take deep breath and hold your breath and kick the air and  dance!  No fear! That is the ground work for the economy growth! Ha Ha!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Door Always Open To Us

Meeting with Our Brothers and Sisters

South never shut the door to North, always open and with open minded and patience, a older brother cares about his younger brother. Yes I agree if we prepare the unification the cost of unification not much as  East and West Germany. There is lots of ways to learn from German unification. Start from civilian level, not a political. South is leading technology and wealthy, should help North Korean brothers,  help in any way, even if initially they might be refuse it but continuously try.  You know when your younger brother is hungry you should share with your wealth that is how we brought up. Must be genuine with sincerity.   Ordinary people should never think of North Koreans are our enemy but our own brothers and sisters. You never forget that your family even if they divided for more than 50 years. If South need to beg North Korean brothers come to the table then they should. Why not? Do it more, it doesn’t hurt you.  North Korean brothers are  bad mouthing South that is ok we can deal with it. No problems!  When you are wiser and wealthy you can afford to be benevolence to others.  Remember our dearest wish is The Unification!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catch Up To The Reality

Regulators in the United States and overseas are cracking down on computerized high-speed trading ...,
“We are just beginning to catch up to the reality of, ‘Hey, we are in an electronic market, what does that mean?’ ”
When British regulators noticed strange price movements in a range of shares on the London Stock Exchange, they tracked them to a Canadian firm issuing thousands of computerized orders allegedly designed to mislead other investors.
  Snail are walking and thinking!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care

Here an articles from NYT, saying the Occupy Wall Street as “the Honey Badger”. Ha ha ha…, definitely awesome worrisome if you are not on their side.   See the AWESOME HONEY BADGER below.  

WHAT A PURE AWESOME BEAST!!! Never give up just keep going! When I look into this amazing creature, nature made, I have deep admirations, touches me deeply its furious-firehouse-ferociousness and superbness. I don’t know what is but immense energy its enthusiasm, gorge for life, pure just so pure…, O yes that is right it is pure wild and natural, life itself, a pure life, to kills or to be killed, there is no nonsense in animals world. Carnivorous, there is no middle ground but you or me. One has to be eaten by another. Immensely duty bound life itself in life this earth. I love the ferocious beast.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nailed their Coffin

Model Talking
Modeled Behavior via Krugman

In the first act, bankers took advantage of deregulation to run wild (and pay themselves princely sums), inflating huge bubbles through reckless lending. In the second act, the bubbles burst — but bankers were bailed out by taxpayers, with remarkably few strings attached, even as ordinary workers continued to suffer the consequences of the bankers’ sins. And, in the third act, bankers showed their gratitude by turning on the people who had saved them, throwing their support — and the wealth they still possessed thanks to the bailouts — behind politicians who promised to keep their taxes low and dismantle the mild regulations erected in the aftermath of the crisis.
Rich Yeselson, a veteran organizer and historian of social movements, has suggested that debt relief for working Americans become a central plank of the protests. I’ll second that, because such relief, in addition to serving economic justice, could do a lot to help the economy recover. I’d suggest that protesters also demand infrastructure investment — not more tax cuts — to help create jobs. Neither proposal is going to become law in the current political climate, but the whole point of the protests is to change that political climate.  Keep reading

I don’t know where it is heading for but one thing so clear, it is the current mood, always calm surfaces  volatile ferocious undercurrents,  people are pissed off.  Wonder what is going to happen? Cleary a great catch to Krugman on their side that is a wining strategy.  I think it is something significant things happen for sure! I like watching people's fighting!

Here I am as a model bystander, gasoline on the fire and fuel for their causes?  Good on you Yankee!

Fuck’em all the scumbag  assholes!
All white colour criminals
Deflated warmongers at whores’ house
Bags of rotten prose cons
Put all these assholes in a scumbag
Stithied up millions agitated prickles
Straightjackets for endearment
Drown at the growl rivers

My ever proper decent model talking please stormy growl growl…! All the way down stream... fuck'em all the scumbags!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Faces of Beauty

Knowing, beauty is bounded by our soul, if then why this sorrowful weathered guttered beauty is so delightful to us? Our souls are enchanted by not only joyfulness but also but also guttered desolation too.  So I gather we are bit of all masochistic bunches. But remember the guttered winter promises always spring!  The nature always fairer, always unveiled a kind warm holy face after the dark cold tunnel.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Diagnosis And Treatment

Here is nice  Joseph E. Stiglitz’s  diagnosis and treatment to the  sick manic depressive gloomy desultory world economy to the leaders.
The prescription for what ails the global economy follows directly from the diagnosis: strong government expenditures, aimed at facilitating restructuring, promoting energy conservation, and reducing inequality, and a reform of the global financial system that creates an alternative to the buildup of reserves. Keep reading

 You have to understand first what is wrong, sick man economy, without knowing what is wrong  first place how you treat sick man? He says.  Yes, well after all of this we don’t know who can be trust, who are the experts?  Gurus are saying that the experts stuffed the things up so…, I am reading reading… try to make sense out of all of this.  

Guessing Game

Don’t give up! In our life there are two ways always:  goes up or goes down eventually!  Sometimes it can take years sometimes within second. Try to make this world equalizes that is impossible in nature, The catch of  the yield guessing game ,as from Krugman:

But here’s the thing: the Fed can’t cut rates from here, because they’re already zero. It can, however, raise rates. So the long-term rate has to be above the short-term rate, because under current conditions it’s like an option price: short rates might move up, but they can’t go down.
Indeed, if we look at Japan we find that the yield curve was positively sloped all the way through the lost decade.
It is bottom now so the only way is up soon or late, everything takes time, but how long, that is question!   

Fighting Poverty

Here is compelling story from the UN Chief, about his childhood in Korea, and the world hunger is all about hand of politicians. In Africa particular, centuries their colonial masters stripped all the natural resources. Afterword long decades military dictatorships and endless civil wars.  Today hunger is all about man made disaster.   
Like South Korea’s own experience in fighting poverty, Millennium Villages in Africa, and similar projects elsewhere, are now surging ahead in food production, children’s health, and in forging a sustainable pathway out of poverty itself. At the same time, I was impressed with one crucial difference between Korea’s efforts in the 1960’s and what is possible today. Touring the Mwandama Village, I saw the potential of modern technologies – smart phones and mobile broadband, improved seed varieties, the latest in drip irrigation, modern diagnostic tests for malaria, and low-cost solar-energy grids – to advance human well-being in ways that simply were not feasible even a few years ago.
I saw a community health worker using a smart phone to manage malaria treatment within a household. The worker used a low-cost diagnostic kit to confirm the malaria diagnosis, circumventing the need for a microscope and laboratory; a smart phone to key in the test results and receive advice from an “expert system” designed by public-health specialists; and state-of-the-art combination drug therapy to cure the illness. The child was cured within the home; a few years ago, that same child would have faced a high risk of death unless he was somehow brought to a distant clinic in time.

I saw other breakthrough changes in daily life. In a community that once could not feed itself, a giant warehouse was almost bursting with tons of surplus grain. By using high-yield seeds, better soil management, and proper row planting, the community has more than tripled its crop production, and villagers who previously were hungry grain buyers are now food-secure grain sellers.
Keep reading

  We human are very resourceful, all the smart technology and minds are working together defeat the deadlock.  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Shari'ah Aims

An interesting article from The Tripoli Post; Mustafa Abdul-Jalil and the Great Shari'ah Divide - by Dr. Abdul Wahid
As a body of law, the Shari'ah aims to protect, for all its citizens, their lives, property, honour, beliefs, and minds. It also balances spiritual, humanitarian, ethical and material values in a way that capitalist states have wholly failed to do.

It addresses both the collective and the individual protecting both society and individuality; it prioritises and protects the poor while permitting the rich to enjoy their wealth. It is not afraid to focus on the next world as well as this one.

Yet a state that put the Shari'ah above interests of foreign powers, rich elites, and put much sought after resources in the hands of the public (not to be sold off to multinational corporations) - is not a state that is in the interests of capitalist states that seek to enforce their dominance and harness resources for themselves - and also challenges the ideological foundations that currently dominate the world... Keep reading

Saturday, October 1, 2011

If You Love For Love

If you love for beauty,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the sun,
She has golden hair!

If you love for youth,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the spring;
It is young every year!

If you love for treasure,
Oh, do not love me!
Love the mermaid;
She has many clear pearls!

If you love for love,
Oh yes, do love me!
Love me ever,
I'll love you evermore

What a glory glory song never tired of listening.  If you love for love you love please do love me!  Iove me ever I will love you evermore!  Been thinking our endeavour in this earth. Beautifully courageous, magnificent darling, their struggles  their endless hardship but never give up their struggle  until their inevitable victories, the magnificence spices is called human being, WE.  I am deeply thankful and  privilege to be one of them.