Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Love No End

Liszt, uhm…, something of heartbrokenly utterly sad romance. But then love is always heartbroken, if not that is not romance! Right? If you don’t know what I am talking, you don’t know what is love is, so you are a loser! Put on a blanket in your head bit cry. Anyway I have neve seen any romance happy ever after. I think love made that way. Romance is short and intense, like brilliant fire burn brilliantly with intense for a short while, so need a fire extinguisher on and gone…, people don’t love each other often stay longer because they don’t love each other to end their romance. Just stay together until their grave, buried together and put their grave stone as a medallion of their without-love life logistic longevity. Like a hero’s bravery, stay a such long period without being love each other, indeed you need a medallion for the globigerina endurance! And they hold their skeleton hand together and cracking each other marble teeth and fraud their grave yard wind. So stop pretend you are in deeply in love your spouse !!!