Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Shari'ah Aims

An interesting article from The Tripoli Post; Mustafa Abdul-Jalil and the Great Shari'ah Divide - by Dr. Abdul Wahid
As a body of law, the Shari'ah aims to protect, for all its citizens, their lives, property, honour, beliefs, and minds. It also balances spiritual, humanitarian, ethical and material values in a way that capitalist states have wholly failed to do.

It addresses both the collective and the individual protecting both society and individuality; it prioritises and protects the poor while permitting the rich to enjoy their wealth. It is not afraid to focus on the next world as well as this one.

Yet a state that put the Shari'ah above interests of foreign powers, rich elites, and put much sought after resources in the hands of the public (not to be sold off to multinational corporations) - is not a state that is in the interests of capitalist states that seek to enforce their dominance and harness resources for themselves - and also challenges the ideological foundations that currently dominate the world... Keep reading