Sunday, October 30, 2011

Funny Goethe

Most of people don’t understand dark side of deviance, hilariousness delightfulness of artists, unless you are one of them. You have to  live with ten thousands headed monsters, if you let them take over to you then you become madman if you coddle their mischievous wit well then you may strike lucks in creative.  Goethe, you utter infatuation and appreciation of his finest dark side human nature. I still can not believe he is dead! He is so damm breathtakingly funny and has profoundly cunning wit; sometimes wonder how could he so incredibly descriptive in nature of nature. Anyway here is some of his talking:
To me the mountain masses are nobly dumb,
I don’t ask why they are, or where they’re from.
When Nature in herself was grounded
The ball of Earth she neatly rounded,
Delighting in the mountains and the deep,
Setting rock on rock, and peak on peak,
Sloping the hills conveniently downward,
Softening them to vales, gently bounded.
They grow green, and joyfully she ranges,
Without the need for any violent changes.

Yes, so you say! It’s clear as day to you:
But he knows otherwise who saw it too.
I was there, while the void seethed below,
Enduring all that swollen, fiery tide:
When Moloch’s hammer forged cliffs, at a blow,
And flung the ruined mountains, far and wide.
Those foreign boulders scattered through the land:
Who knows what forces left them high and dry?
Philosophers all have failed to understand,
The rocks are there, and we must let them stand,
We’ve damaged them, already, where they lie.
Only the true believers, the people, know,
And nothing will shake their fond opinion,
They, since their wisdom ripened long ago,
Say it’s due to Satan’s wonderful dominion.
The traveller climbs, with faith’s crutch, over ridges,
Across the Devil’s rocks, and Devil’s bridges.