Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ME? Godly Enterprises

ME? I AM THE GOD MYSELF! I declared. Once a friend, who was a Muslim, looking at me with deep sympathy and deep sorrowful eyes, his eyes was saying “ what an unrescue-able soul!” pitied on me. After many times I got into trouble heated with ”religious” well wheeled verbal diarrhea wars, this passion fade away, like unrequited love, nothing in illicit affairs that held interest last long. People ask me whether I ever confused I was brought up from so many difference religions and which religion I am etc... Well I actually never confused who I was, what I was doing. I learnt I was in the middle very early. I was very careful, I must in the middle. As far as my memory goes, I had to pleases the both side of fences for survival. I never had goes between two Grandmammas. The perfect spy whose cover never blown up because of “perfect balance”. They both asked me lots of questions the otherside but I never told them nice things to both side. I always told them “ how nice to be at home or in here!...”. they both delighted that I had no sign of my brain has been washed dried coloured and become a “traitor”. In a Buddhist monastery I was a little enlightened Buddha, operating branding “searching yourself” business in a plum size cushion at jumbo size meditation. At Shamanism altar I was a little Witch Dr Faust, an authoritarian, sold my soul to the ten thousand ghosts, god of wheeler dealer of “magic potion” cure-all enterprises. Confucius teaching I was an ardent Disciple of Confucius, pursuing ethical conduct of life of high office, business in green-clean, cleaning up all the rottens and hazards, environmental friendly pollution free squawky clean business. And Christianity I was a little Jesus in sin franchise business, I carried a cross, made from strayed world sinned souls and across crossroad build huge congregates around. I was busy myself building all the difference enterprises, business in my vein. I was playing myself, honestly enjoyed myself, oscillated into world of my own, work-out-myself, I was never forget who I was for sure! What was the attraction? Tales, they are stories stories, after stories…

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Crazy Season Crazy Reason

When I was a little, Christmas was a devilish confliction. Grandmamma (paternal) a tall handsome field marshal, fully uniformed with deep Buddhism- Confucianism Shamanism, readily waging religious war against Christians my maternal side of family. She was a bit of devil, piecing dark fiery eyes freeze you off, anything is threaten her territory. As her concern was I might end up the other side of fence. She made sure I read her old tattered script first and deep vow to the family altar in Christmas morning before I headed off. She was concern about my Sunday church going. But nevertheless let me go because I learn something from Sunday teaching. She was secretly terribly impressed by  "poor" but well educated people(my maternal side family members have far more university degree than my paternal side, and few of them western PhDs). She called them “ losers”. Because white coloured profession spread moved around cities foreign lands. The concept of my uncle as a preacher, his preaching is paid by people’s offering was horrified of her. So she put them down by calling them trickery bunch. And another hand my maternal side Grandmamma, petty patted (gosh I un intentionally degrading her grace, this bloody English fault never my fault!) most angelic gentle person you ever met, a great cookie baker. I can be a visual venom, she was hoping I jump permanently into their bandwagon, singing “Hallelujah Hallelujah … a great foghorn preaching, harbinger of their religion to world. A conjure of continuity sprouting bandwagon rider in her domain and bright red hammered sense of culture superiority in her calm eyes. She never criticised my other side family openly but they called my family as money-monger uncivilised thugs. That was why I was so untidy and uncivilised. Confucius teaching, wastage is sin, you have to earn your merit and Christianity offering and sharing is virtue. Always conflict two difference, discriminated each another other so I learnt the discrimination and conflict very early age and how to navigate in my best advantage.

Today Christmas is, start with meanness meaningless wordings. A chocker block of inbox mails, cards, saying “ happy Christmas…” bular bular… cities took out recycled decoration on the main street as “ Year after Year death of original theme park” people sense of sensibility into their cameras mobiles sheer fakery. Cities recycling is a duty free original free, don’t need to think. Everyone duty to buy something that carry on their plastic bags bags gargled air. Everything gargles. Their scary duty to live and eat and drink merry merry cross excitement of examiners. And they tell lie to their children generation and generation of Santa existence. So their children become lairs as well as their grandchildren. Dazzling police officials( I have very soft spot on them), summer branded rite of drunken season, using their sensory devices catches drunkards and full speeders. They armed with sculptured body, guns in their garter belt and hid “dark” spots and greeting with you “hot” saucy smile. If they like you they offer you “body and soul” deluxe escort services into the cell. So make sure you understand meaning of you like them but don’t let them like you! Family, in-laws fighting over Christmas lunch time. Children torn apart from bitter old first marriage, young creed free second marriages; tidal theme park at a family in hellish season, eat eat drink drink tittering human endeavour is the “ festivities in a little hellish pudding bowel”. Once in a visiting right holders, children in an old folk home wishing their parent Merry Christmas to their ending soon and grumbling about inheritance tax.

Season of illicit liaisons, I rather become a devil, dethrone Jesus birthday, and replacing communal with a devil, preaching people unhappiness in their goddamn Christmas and exchange to devil’s incarnation. People showering themself paper wrappings, bathed with alcohol, pickled sultry meat, dried themselves with sour infested air, kissing and hugging dark plagued body and gazing at pit-bull terrier eyeballed malicious soul searching game, and smiling greedy teethed leathery jaw lined botoxed mouth, saying “ merry fat Christmas” I the DEVIL SAY, hey you human ditch your goddamned spend-drafted gifted warping paper god and forever gone with a merchant of hell.

Monday, December 20, 2010

“Tong – il” It Is A Problem Solving After All!

Our wish are Toooong-iiiiiiillll our dream are Toooong-iiiiiiillll … “Tong – il” mean “Unification”, I am singing “the Unification Song” I have to learnt to sing when I first enter our little primary school and almost every single day(mornings) along with Handel's Water Music Suite or Bach and Beethoven something played at a loud speaker. After few years you are so tired of so goddamn familiarity and become your second skin and built into your sense system become blunt, whether you like it. So for long time sick to death of the familiar sounds. But now, the familiarity hit your nerve like a blanket, nostalgic warm loving glistering sunshine hope rise. Here our Korean soldiers are wearing deeply emotional golden bandaged word “Tong-il” “unification” in their helmets. For me it is a profundity and emotional creed. None Korean are hard to know what I am saying probably. I don’t know what cost is for Korea for the “unification” but it is our great mission for our generation, we can not handover this sacred and burdensome mission to our next generation. We are not enemies of enemies but brothers and sisters. We have no enemies for this scared mission but we only have our own kind, we have to gun point our own hearts for this mission at the heart of our land. That makes me unbearable sad. Unbearable sad that is all. But  However in our life we have to learn to put our emotion aside and have to completely cold blooded about something, if that is much a better outcome. It is a problem solving after all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

In My Perfect Opinion

“…When he was arrested in December 2008, Madoff’s account statements reflected 4,900 accounts with $65 billion in nonexistent investments, according to Picard. Investors lost about $20 billion in principal.” ... Read more
Death warranted Madoff ingenuity, logical explanation of this is he was very very greedy, it made him blinded. In his cell, he envies a street beggar his freedom, as a beggary much better life than Mad-off’s madness. He was doing unimaginable things imaginable way. His victims are mostly well educated well off. And years years little duck pretending a golden goose peddling on a fitly chicken soup, keep flouting without sinking, he had to smart but not smart enough to a perfect crime. Olden days in Asia or any where world that matter, traitors were exterminated “ three generations” traitor grandfather death warrens to his son and his grandson so on, completely rooted out that the way the land utter barren so that tainted seed never grow. Lots of stupid petty criminals, not smart enough covering up their stupidly.

I have deep sympathy of about certain crimes e.g. Australian first convict settlers, man, women and children had been condemn for stealing a loaf of bread or something so small. I am not saying, a hungry child goes to a shop steal a bread in here( is our adult responsibility(social moral) make sure a child is not stealing ). But white color criminals should have no mercy for their wrong doings. That kind size of stealing is not one man’s job. The level of education and involved that industry if they didn’t know what their father was doing they must stupid, the guy committed suicide was, for him easy way out. But he made his choice of his life, why people sympathize on once choice. His life he can do whatever he likes. But through before he hanged his neck at his own slaughterhouse, should hand over all the money he enriched from the wrong or pre-bargaining with the trustee of the victims. Whatever his was not his money he should have known. If he was a nobody his death unnoticed like many people jump off the West Gate bridge. Looking around million children suffering media so excited breathless coverage about a criminal’s son suicide instead not much coverage children’s’ suffering. Probably people read the suicide coverage with pleasure, rationalizing demonizing. It is a spectacle once unfortunate life because of greediness. Probably he could not get out but stuck into cooperated until the end.

Lastly you wonder teenager grandchildren should pay for his grandfather's sin? NOP, but 46 years sons who involved same company for many years, pay for his sin? YES. Especially in this case. This is my view and I am an “obstinate, stubborn or bigoted” opinionated in here.

Lastly lastly in my view criminals should not breeding, or “human hygiene” should not planted their tainted seeds or eggs in their soiled barren land.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deadly Laughing Matter

You have to watch this “killing yourself laughing” when you can not sleep middle of the night, kill yourself for your amusement. Bit of vengeful when you don’t have the power-bear to print your own money or barking to everyone!   I am not sure who is this guy, with deadly laughing matter with glorious wit; make us laugh how splendours wit is.  Charming people can get away lots of things with their wit even if they are sometimes naughty. Finest honed wit so irresistible even if that is commercial. They can be very hard you can imagine you have to witty all the time. I like “Mr Bean” and I like Donald Duck Mickey Mouse kind of stuff, which I never grow out of. Wonder he might suffer from depression!   Anyway dead money is talking dead money is walking and dead money is laughing! The Fed Chief is  lots of dead laughing, I gather instead borrowing, printing much vigilant  job considering quantitative easing can be punitive easing so as my friend Donald Duck’s wit. But I believe always my friend Donald Duck is so “ducky”  so lovable that is why he is so still so young and charming still keep going and loved by millions children around world.

Ducky Update: End of the day, Donald Duck  is a bit of ordinary of out of ordinary. He is so perfectly clumsy and stupid. Yet he aggressively ingeniously gathers scrapes his battered tools, filtered drained make them out of ordinary to extraordinary, makes us laugh.   Sometimes make me cry and angry with his ridiculous stupidity and victimhood, but he bounces back with  incredible unexhaustible energy and resourcefulness. That is why he is so lovable and sustained his longevity. He is a genius maintained his magical images. Hot bad tempered always blow up himself.  That is why he is the Victor.  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My English

An eunuch sentence I can not comprehend as:
Prof Krugman says he advocates baby –killing thought his blog or columns that is a false statement, thus he would deletes if people say he advocated baby –killing through his blog because that is false statement? Then he says nothing of the sort…

Friday, December 3, 2010

What a beautiful thing

What a beauty!  The house and tree would have been through reign of horrors, errors and terrors eventful of   masterpieces.  it is desirously deliciously weathered, soften with fairly murmur, you could hear saucy squawky whispering chilly wind, touches softly your face, mournful string strips faintly,  your heart is broken, beauty is sometimes is so beautiful so painful  so  make you weep,   is then  days weathered away with dusk and  lovers wafting… how long these leaves rudely strike on sunset in my lovers eyes… that is what I am saying
P.S. BTW  I poached this picture from Flickr...

Sometimes I think we human are beautiful but also horridly ugly compare to nature, if nature left alone they would never ugly, most often man made them ugly… but then we are part of nature too… so nature goes like that way…  Neither bad nor good just mutual!  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Living up one’s expectation!

After reading a plaided meaningful meaningless!

1. Be impeccable with my word:
Nop I can not I am not a robot? But any way what is the “impeccable word means’ in my view every words is impeccable and packable in our life!
2. Don’t take anything personally:
Hey I am full blood human, my full of emotion and sensation are seasonal. I take it everything personally: rage and rage and calm down… I am the most calm faced a purest deep mountain lake Yet boiling volcano bottom of my heart. So boiling all the time! If I am not taking personally my own business who takes it personally? C’mon! Also I am very thick skinned and cold blooded beast!
3. Don’t make assumption:
Life is a supposition and proposition! A guessing game! Wheel of fortune! When I meet or read thing I asked myself “ what is this person’s motivation? Why s/he wrote these cabbages? I make my own judgement with sneerings and jostles, I am commanding the best of human practices with uncommitted human mind!
4. Always do once best:
Yeah, I try but not always; this is hardest word for living up your life! BUT how you justified “best” mean? This is where you make a self – justification! That makes you much easier to deal with, “do once best” meaningless impeccably dressed cabbages garbbages, littering around all www street corners?

Self Defence update: Bit clarification you know when I consider you are my friend I give you unconditional approval whatever you do, that is art of work! Not only A but AAAA+++! Straight from bottom of my heart and soul! Gosh it is very nice I am the position make a grading instead of “victim” for change!! Heehe… I just let you know even if you write cabbage garbbages! That is including my writing Of course!