Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Living up one’s expectation!

After reading a plaided meaningful meaningless!

1. Be impeccable with my word:
Nop I can not I am not a robot? But any way what is the “impeccable word means’ in my view every words is impeccable and packable in our life!
2. Don’t take anything personally:
Hey I am full blood human, my full of emotion and sensation are seasonal. I take it everything personally: rage and rage and calm down… I am the most calm faced a purest deep mountain lake Yet boiling volcano bottom of my heart. So boiling all the time! If I am not taking personally my own business who takes it personally? C’mon! Also I am very thick skinned and cold blooded beast!
3. Don’t make assumption:
Life is a supposition and proposition! A guessing game! Wheel of fortune! When I meet or read thing I asked myself “ what is this person’s motivation? Why s/he wrote these cabbages? I make my own judgement with sneerings and jostles, I am commanding the best of human practices with uncommitted human mind!
4. Always do once best:
Yeah, I try but not always; this is hardest word for living up your life! BUT how you justified “best” mean? This is where you make a self – justification! That makes you much easier to deal with, “do once best” meaningless impeccably dressed cabbages garbbages, littering around all www street corners?

Self Defence update: Bit clarification you know when I consider you are my friend I give you unconditional approval whatever you do, that is art of work! Not only A but AAAA+++! Straight from bottom of my heart and soul! Gosh it is very nice I am the position make a grading instead of “victim” for change!! Heehe… I just let you know even if you write cabbage garbbages! That is including my writing Of course!