Sunday, November 28, 2010

MY New Found Niche

Just quick thought provide you some information well known theory or something I challenge and it is deadly wrong( or only me perhaps but work for you). I have tested numerous times this MBTI, my :”pure” sponge mind sucks up everything with sheer of joy and finally come to say to myself “ hey don’t suck up, bit of filter yourself!” so that is what I am doing, so I become something of “cynic.” I don’t believed what you are saying unless I know everything what you are doing. You see I become “street-smart-cynic” so I become “cynic” of my type INXX, it says I am not an good salesman indeed so I proof myself this congeal well known theory completely wrong as: I found myself as “ People say that I could even pump up water from Yarra river and sell it if I want, I consider that is a great compliment. But mind you, you should not trust salesman! I bluff. So I let you know. I have been thinking why people say I am a good salesman? That is a good deadly question? I want to explore my new found niche and make profit of my skill!!! Gosh it is nice to people hounding you because you are “a good salesman” but you know the feeling, when you meet people first time you just know, whether s/he is your enemy or your ally, you just know… you can not explain these things of course… Basically selling ideas are based on trust and gut feeling... very basic human thing...
Mind you I am not an angel for sure, armed with full of poisonous thorns… Another mind you, I even speak with broken MY English with my selling pitch and most times my friend tell me I am deadly shy…
What is it then? I am asking myself… “Sincerity” I think I can be a sincere sucker-fence very much indeed when I connect to someone...BUT have you seen any genuine salesman?

BTW: P.S. People often ask me when I am quite as a mud-bud in the middle of meeting “ you are not convinced what I am saying? so I told them I am a well known “ cynic” and if they bluffed me off their wit that is breaking point but sometimes people are so serious by themselves unnecessary chocking air.

Mind You Update: Hey everyone this world isa kind of salesman remember that! Some are good some are not so good!

Mind you mind you update: Have you seen any genuine salesman?

A genuine saleman update: I bet you CANNOT answer for my last question for sure! Unless you are dodgy yourself!