Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weaving Patten in Color People - Evolution

If you want to know who’s doing the parenting part right, start with immigrants, who know that learning is the way up. Last week, the 32 winners of Rhodes Scholarships for 2011 were announced — America’s top college grads. Here are half the names on that list: Mark Jia, Aakash Shah, Zujaja Tauqeer, Tracy Yang, William Zeng, Daniel Lage, Ye Jin Kang, Baltazar Zavala, Esther Uduehi, Prerna Nadathur, Priya Sury, Anna Alekeyeva, Fatima Sabar, Renugan Raidoo, Jennifer Lai, Varun Sivaram.

Do you see a pattern?

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Yeah! I can see the racist pattern racial tension:
Black + Cocoa +White+ Charcoal + Yellow + Pink +Copper = The race illumination racist of!! The Super Duper Race! Wonder someday some hundreds or years later, our tombs are guide by half man and half animal kind of species. The Little Girl always asks herself where she comes from…one two three… since all cities made from buildings gaps no elfin field left for green meadow == is the deserts land where there no days or nights just a day, sun and moon gallop together at the magenta sky, there is no season at but a just season, we need super duper races for sustainable for new environment and discover new energy from somewhere sky … continuously makes evolution… do you think what would happen then….? I think we might living at another galaxy…

P.S. I must say I make very racist comment in here! Politically incorrect as they say!!