Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Possible Birthday Cake

 August is, my birthday month. My birthday celebrated two times every year when I was child – one for lunar calendar that falls sometimes between September to November – one for normal August.  Always my birthday, I  was given a special birthday cake among other things “ Korean traditional rice cake” becase that is my favourite. You can not buy from any shop (although they are now preceding commercial production). Making the cake is very complex system involved,  whole processes would take least few days that is only actually making cake but not special material  rice breeding and harvesting period( this particular rice is specially breed rice not as same ordinary rice more sticky and more yellow colour I think). I have not seen so I don’t know I only know very tasty that is I know! Been thinking system is wrong I am not wrong not able to cook traditional food. I think whole things ingredients which is mostly years to take produce, i.e. soy source I think least 10 years old kind of thing-   you have to deploy whole system into cooking well  yes some say if you can't do certain things you can always balms the system not yourself so I blames the system! So I have to asked myself can I fix the system? Well yes we always try aren’t we?  Perhaps I can change my taste? But how could I do that? mind you I don’t like hybrid as far as traditional Korean food concern. Just been thinking about my birthday that is all! I used to have my own spoon too that was my 1 years old birth day gift! I just quick looking at google image there are not many image such traditional  rice cake I after probably system all collapsing cooking a such complex and  time consuming!  Need the tacit knowledge to make complexity to simple! Or I can have my birthday cake for pecan pie? one thing for sure if I change my taste of food that make it rather simple? but then... thinking... or 

Not a Religious War

For Aleppo's Christians, there is a profound fear of the unknown. The Assad government was tolerant of religious minorities, but the rebellion draws most support from Syria's majority Sunni Muslim community.

For Aleppo's Christians, a minority of perhaps 8 percent to 10 percent of the city's population, there is a profound fear of the unknown.

For all its repression of dissent, the Assad government was tolerant of religious minorities — its ruling clique was dominated by Assad's Alawite sect, itself a minority. The rebellion draws most support from Syria's majority Sunni Muslim community.

"People don't know what will come next," said Audo, who is the Chaldean Christian bishop for all of Syria. "We are looking at what happened in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Iraq, the uncertainty.

In my view, it is very important the revolutionary the FSA Military Council Leadership should address this problem explicitly boldly the revolution is NOT about religion war, i.e. Sunni Muslim  against other monitory religions or other sects but  ALL SYRIAN PEOPLE  against the criminal totalitarian tyrannical  regime! Under democracy everyone gets bandwagon for their religion!

NICOSIA — The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah has been sending fighters
to Syria to bolster the latest offensive by President Bashar Assad against
Sunni rebels.
 Lebanese security sources said hundreds of Iranian-trained Hizbullah
fighters crossed into Syria to help the Assad regime quell the Sunni revolt.
The sources said the fighters come from elite Hizbullah units and were
deployed in central Syria.

This become more complex conflict, how can we make it simple, among many but clearly the criminal and few of cronies should be killed.

Above link you can see so much pain, horrendous burn bodies, some of them set fire burn alive  crime  committed  by criminal assad gangs!  

CNN - Aleppo 5 Star Prison  for Criminal Assad Gangs

Common,  that is 5 star hotel prison compare to how  criminal gang treat Syrian people, they killed with knife burn their bodies - that is very clean nice prison - far too good for criminal terrorist gangs! while so many  innocent people flee their from homes to another countries, well perhaps Ivan Watson thinks 5 star hotel for   their prison with each prisoner has their own double suite! Have a good time!   

FSA Heroic Standing

FSA Heroic Standing At Aleppo



The World Most Powerful Talking

The World Most Powerful Man Speaking 

"In the talks, they took up the co-ordination of efforts to accelerate the process of political transition in Syria, including Bashar al-Assad leaving the administration and the meeting of the Syrian people's legitimate demands," a statement from Erdogan's office said.
The phone call took place on Monday and Turkish media reports said Erdogan and Obama spoke for 36 minutes.

"The two leaders expressed their growing concern about the worsening human conditions in Syria because of the Syrian regime's attacks targeting its own people and the regime's savagery, most recently seen in Aleppo," it said.
Obama and Erdogan also discussed the need to work together to assist civilians trying to escape the violence in Syria.

There are about 44,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey and there are concerns that the offensive by Assad's army in the northern city of Aleppo could lead to increasing numbers.

"Prime Minister Erdogan and President Obama agreed on the co-ordination of efforts to help Syrians forced to flee to Turkey and neighboring countries," the statement said.

Finally the world most powerful man President Obama has spoken, we only hope that his wisdom see through all side of problems solving so both Syria and US will be building their beneficial relationship forever ever! If US want to do something they can do! we don’t want angles but relationship that both side beneficial! The very young fighters committed their revolution, they are not Al Qaeda, they profoundly care for their people their Syria  betterment and liberation from their suffering, in this darkest times their courage alone not enough so  we asking  President Obama his light of guidance see through end this atrocity! The courageous Syrian people will not forget Yankees’ help for sure!  

Do the Right Thing

Before shooting the  FSA ask other side to defect first?

FSA# Daraa..ask the Assad forces to defect before they get into battle saying, we ask you to defect and do what is right, but their appeal goes on deaf Ears, as they kept firing at the FSA.God bless the FSA

FSA: Hey you, my brother defect now what are we fighting for?
Criminal soldiers: silence.... silence....
FSA: can you hear me brothers? defect now we should stop fighting!
Criminal soldiers:  completely deaf probably some one behind their back gun point on their heads.... silence...
FSA: last chance before we going to kill you defect now brothers!
Criminal soldiers:  start shooting so ....bang bang...

irony irony very sad irony their tales....

Monday, July 30, 2012

Impressive Heroic Battle

Heroes are very young and very  handsome, but carried out very impressive courageous killing operation! Chief of Aleppo, Colonel al-Oqaidi, says "There is no strategic withdrawal of the Free Syrian Army.”  You can imagine all these heroes’ creed, what they stand for and  their heroic determination, all but very inspirational we the world applaud their bravery!  

Hhaah CNN gone to inside!


Panetta says when, not if, al-Assad falls, Syrian military should remain intact

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says that when Bashar al-Assad loses his grip on power, he wants the Syrian military to remain in place.

"I think it's important when Assad leaves - and he will leave - to try to preserve stability in that country. And the best way to preserve that kind of stability is to maintain as much of the military, the police, as you can, along with the security forces, and hope that they will transition to a democratic form of government. That's a key," Panetta told CNN's Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr in an exclusive interview in Tunis, Tunisia, Monday.

"It's very important that we don't make the same mistakes we made in Iraq," he said. "And that, particularly, when it comes things like the chemical sites. They (the Syrian military) do a pretty good job of securing those sites. If they suddenly walked away from that, it would be a disaster to have those chemical weapons fall into the wrong hands - hands of Hezbollah or other extremists in that area."
Yes I agree US et al should not make a same mistake Iraq, only need to criminal few of his cronies that is all...!  this important point to make  inside military and civilian  personal should know, Syrian  are all victims except few of his cronies, the criminal himself and his family.


Syria's rebels distributed on Monday a "national salvation draft" proposal for a political transition in the country, bringing together military and civilian figures for a post-Bashar al Assad phase.
This has changed with time, with the Joint Command, headed by Colonel Kassem Saadeddine, emerging as an increasingly representative coordination body for the FSA inside Syria.

The transition-phase higher defence council should include "all Military Council leaders in Syria's cities and provinces, as well as all the high-profile defected officers and others who have contributed to the revolution," the Joint Command statement said.

Among the proposed presidential council's responsibilities would be "to put forward draft laws for referendum and (...) to restructure the security and military apparatus," the statement said.

The FSA also envisaged "the development of solutions for civilians who took up arms during the revolution," adding that they "could be incorporated in new security and military institutions."

No one should  argue these heroic  people who based on ground, carried out their heroic battle with their blood for the revolution, they should be first foremost credited their contributions, make sure US very  consideration of this profound sentiment a part post criminal transitions, also these emerging leadership, they earned their respect from their people for betterment for their courageous battle - not given to them their  position because of association criminal  -  not tainted by,  is very important for the future Syria stabilization, yes they will be wise and  graces  what they have stood for their Syria their people! On Facebook,  already some of very charismatic revolutionist leaders are sprung up,  Syrian people gild them with their affection!  

The FSA Heroic Operation



Strewn agonising pains stark bare their zealous,  criminal assad massacres have been carried out everywhere; human body part torn pieces  billow their dead fleshes sprinkles everywhere their pain how could their pain they could endured!   I am so horrified, violated human in such gruesome way, how could any human mind is ravished by total destruction of! Half torn a child’s body grassy meanness captures the sadists criminal assad’s  and his gangs,  child motionless dark charcoaled life tremulous agony, shrill their souls to sky plea to world to see! Yes the world should open their eye to see what has been going on! Lover’s bleeding flesh preaches his wounded soil, lay in a wooden basket as harvesting his bloody golden throne! O I am closing my eyes, see the horrendous trooping plea to the God in my mind that what loftiness their agony will brings, we shall not forgive the criminals who has wrong to us!

P.S.I know you are jealous my exaltation of the FSA the revolutionary come to see me I can fix you!  Wit of your sarcastic is an aegis of my inspiration! A genomics vulture-culture, be a pain in ass tyrannical straightjacket,  we have to beat this criminal won’t we? Be nice to me!

Heroes’ Ritual

Some of media is fuss about the FSA religious rituals, jihad etc… why? You ask anyone this earth whether they believe something, probably almost everyone would say “yes”  especially major battles like this the heroes need creed for their unity, every religion there are radicals and none radicals! The revolutionary they only believe themselves as they are very religious, you can imagine so few of media please do not distort this heroic endeavour! Do not distort their holy duty of liberation of their Syria and their people from the suffering! 


Criminal Assad intention of Syria going down with him in his grave, what option he has now, no mother what either way he is dead! 

FSA# Interior ministers of Defence have defected and join the FSA .
30 July 2012

Large defection from all side: diplomats, police chiefs  and military personal, they know that this is criminal last  breath, there is when criminal start killing his own people that is end begin with! 

Massacre by THE EVIL ASSAD

The below clips is warning because of horrendous ++18 Unspeakable Murderous Massacre by THE EVIL ASSAD in Deir alzoor. 29 7 2012


Syria#Aleppo: a man carries in his arms the body of a little girl killed by shelling in the Zebdiyeh neighborhood of Aleppo today.


The below clips is warning because of horrendous ++18 Unspeakable Murderous Massacre by THE EVIL ASSAD in Deir alzoor. 29 7 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012


URGENT# Egypt Allows Iranian Vessels to cross the Suez Canal to come to Syria carrying Arms and Ammunition to Assad to kill the civilians of Syria.


quoting newspaper sunrise http://goo.gl/BdGqt crossed the Suez Canal on Sunday, a devastating war and a frigate belonging to the fleet of the Chinese Military in a convoy south, en route to the Mediterranean, heading to the Syrian ports, to participate in the maneuvers 


I am no sure what is the Canal Treaty but surely somehow The current  Egyptian  president power able to stop? 


Leon Panetta, the US secretary of defence, has called for efforts to "bring the Assad regime down" as the Syrian government has stepped up attacks on the northern city of Aleppo.Panetta's comments on Sunday came as helicopter gunships opened fire on Aleppo.
If they continue this kind of tragic attack on their own people in Aleppo, I think it ultimately will be a nail in Assad's own coffin. What Assad has been doing to his own people and what he continues to do to his own people makes clear that his regime is coming to an end. It's lost all
 Wow, here criminal Assad lost legitimacy again, he lost his legitimacy millions time over, I think the world nailed criminal coffin million time over too! This is last time, we make it last time, we nailed criminal’s coffin permanently forever!    

The Heroes Aleppo Battle

Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Oqaidi

Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Oqaidi- AFP

 NEAR ALEPPO, Syria (AFP) - Aleppo, the latest battleground in Syria's 16-month uprising, will be the Syrian army's "graveyard," said Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Oqaidi, the head of the rebels in the city.
"Aleppo will be the graveyard of the tanks" of the Syrian army, Oqaidi declares after a day in which the rebels claimed to have destroyed "eight tanks and some armoured vehicles and killed more than 100 soldiers."
"We ask the West for a no-fly zone," he says in order to prevent aerial raids carried out by Assad's forces.
"We are ready to bring down this regime," Oqaidi says,..
"There is no strategic withdrawal of the Free Syrian Army. We await the attack," he says, refusing to reveal how many rebels are fighting in Aleppo as these were "military secrets."
"The army can only use its aircraft or heavy artillery at a distance, shelling cities, destroying houses. It cannot enter the city," he says.

"We are positioned throughout the city and we have arms to defend ourselves against helicopters," he adds, accusing the regime of trying to "commit a massacre."

"They want to do what they did in Homs,"

"We expect them to commit a very great slaughter, and we urge the international community to intervene to prevent these crimes," the colonel says.
"The Syrian army wavers, it is collapsing. It stands for no specific cause," he says.

Heroic Battle

FSA# Homs Battalion of Sayf Allah # Praying the night prayers..supplicating to Allah swt lord of the heavens and earth for Victory protection and total reliance on Allah swt . Very emotionalMay Allah swt be with them in every step of the way to Victory! Ameen!


FSA# Aleppo Battalion of Al tawheed is giving his men a morale speech that the fight for Aleppo will be one by us, by the will of Allah swt ' he says we win this fight for Aleppo we will win all of Syria ' Allahu Akbar!29 7 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012



The head of the exiled Syrian opposition called on Saturday for the rebels to be armed, insisting that President Bashar al-Assad   criminal perpetrator Assad  should be tried for "massacres" and not be offered asylum in any future solution.( I strike through, he doesn't deserve to be called) 
"We want weapons that would stop tanks and jet fighters. That is what we want,"

International community not willing action but lots of scarecrow wordings, in terms of our heroes the FSA have to have proper weapons for cover up sky and tanks, they are incredible motivated, high moral as they know that what they stands for, ultimate justices,  liberation for their land their people from long suppression.  They are not expecting from international community too much, after unsc vetoes, but they want something so essential, vital things for the wining their battle, they need weapons that shot down fighter jets and helicopters from the sky  and shot tanks.  A clip show our heroes challenged ordinary gun to criminal tanks. Taking Aleppo strategic view point a vital, as Mrs Clintons suggested that there would a safe zone so that i) people not have to flee, ii) for the international community cost effective their money unitization, instead spend refugees campus around neighbouring  countries, that may be stay within their Syrian, way of stabilization and creation economy, iii) encourage defects military personals who is still criminal, as no option, iv) that leaves not much territory left for the criminal…etc.   please make your Sunday bit kind Sunday! 

Allahu Akbar

CNN - The Revolutionary controls vast Syria, Yes  We need stringer missiles shot fighter jets down  

Heroes' Formidable Aleppo Standing

ALEPPO (28/07/2012): This 13 minute video shows you very clearly what is it like to be near the street fighting in Salah Eddin district today. The number of martyrs has increased to more than 120 across Syria.

Aleppo Aleppo



While fearsome battles on Aleppo, world leader’s  consciences passer by orbiter podium; “…deeply worry, terrible concern, respect humanitarian law,  appalling mascara…” indeed nice words fearsome fulsome feeble calculations front of world media,  the leaders’ lechery wholesome bullshit  expenses of  Syrian people’s blood, their nicely crafted  shoulder blade words are awesomely touching our hearts! Please put your noble deeded words rest your amusement crocodile theme park, rolling over your lechery hypocrisy! Millions of people’s life is not your fun park trailing squadrons! 

I think also FSA should utilize media their own advantage, strictly control what publicizes what is not their activities! 

Hey criminal assad you don’t need to run but just wait there! Jus let us know where you are! Haha 


FSA# Battalion of Al sahaba in Damascus..This is a video where you see complete Bravery and faith in Allah sw the almighty that Victory only comes from him , protection from him! FSA are holding light arms and fight against the Assad tanks, right in front of them..These are the most courageous of men i have seenAllahu Akbar


FSA# Battalion of Al farouq destroy an Assad Tank 28 2 2012


This Homsi child runs away with her family to Lebanon due to the barbaric bombing . She doesn't know what awaits them ...

Our bravest heroes will make you come home soon my little friend!

All Syrians for Sure - Hugs and Kisses


FSA in Daraa seize control of the checkpoint after clashing with them, some are killed others injured..FSA even took it upon themselves to aid the injured ones..and there was also a young man that was on his last breath who is part of the Assad forces who told them forgive me i had no choice, the FSA told him make shahada (shahada declaration of faith that there is only one God Allah swt and muhammed is the messenger of Allah swt ) before you leave this world dont worry about us, worry about yourself..make shahada..See the mercy of these FSA men..they are men of heart and mercy..they had to fight them because they were attacked by them, but when they overpowered them they showed mercy on them ..

Criminal Assad they kill their own brothers!

Fighter Jets Bombing Aleppo

Shelling Homs over 40 days now


Very gruesome images and clips come from Aleppo from  shellings


Important statement of the leaders of al-Farouq and "champion of Razzaq Abdul Talas" Brigadier-General welcomes the spina contrary, denies receiving any support from it, as previously rumored!!


US Authorizes Financial Support to Free Syrian Army

Summary: The US government granted the Syrian Support Group, an organization that supports the Free Syrian Army, authority to provide financial and logistical support to the  armed Syrian resistance. Al-Monitor's Laura Rozen talks to the group's Washington agent about using the assistance for weapons, equipment and even salaries.

This video, posted online, claims to show fighter jets over Salaheddine:

A Saudi Company Halts Business with 20 Russian Companies


People's Will Desnty Must Responds


Thes videos, posted online on Saturday, claim to show shelling into the main city in Aleppo:

The terrorist perpetrator regime intent to destroy whole Syria that is all about!

People's Will Desnty Must Responds, The hero says!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Symbolism  of Magnolia

The flower is associated with nobility, perseverance, dignity and symbol of magnificence! so today this song for our heroes the FSA the Syrian revolutionists and courageous Syrian people! 

FSA's Battle of Aleppo

Our Heroes FSA In Aleppo May Allah swt always be with them on the road to Victory



FSA #Aleppo Al-Bab reports of defection

View Larger Map


Syrian rebels facing an imminent onslaught by regime troops in Aleppo last night appealed to the outside world to come to their aid, saying they had little more than willpower with which to defend themselves. 
"We have heard many promises but until now we have not seen it with our eyes or touched it with our hands," he said. "We really don't have anything to prevent the tanks or bombing by fighter jets."We can only win over the citizens of Aleppo to our side and hope that strength of the people is enough."...
 Syriaabout 11 hours ago
William Hague, the UK's foreign minister says:
"I am deeply concerned by reports that the Syrian governmentis amassing its troops and tanks around Aleppo, and has already begun a vicious assault on the city and its civilian population," Hague said in a statement."This utterly unacceptable escalation of the conflict could lead to a devastating loss of civilian life and a humanitarian disaster," he added.

French says
"We are very concerned by reports of what is happening on the ground," French foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said."We call on the regime to end the violence and to cease the use of heavy weapons."

Italy, also dip in wordings
meanwhile, has also called for "maximum pressure" to be exerted on President Assad."We need everyone to raise the pressure to maximum on Assad to ward off a new massacre," Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said in a statement. 

 Navi Pillay, the UN's human rights also deeply deeeee….ply concerning wordings, she receiving from her chair the following report as
...discernable pattern has emerged" of the government cutting off water, power and food supplies to areas that it has identified as opposition strongholds. The areas are then bombarded "with a variety of weaponry, increasingly with air support from attack helicopters, and now reportedly jet aircraft"

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is warning to the world powers 
“on Thursday not to repeat in Syria the mistakes they made in Bosnia, during a landmark visit to Srebrenica where UN peacekeepers failed to prevent the massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys."Never Srebrenica," he said, "Nowhere, to nobody."

The United States on Wednesday  condemned 

Syria's use of attack helicopters in its civil conflict as "another indication of the depth of depravity" of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.White House spokesman Jay Carney issued the reaction aboard Air Force One following reports that helicopter gunships strafed several neighborhoods in Aleppo, Syria's commercial capital.

SO ON…  all nicely united condemning, concerning , yes unacceptable…etc and they all worry  about they says, wordings are cost nothing and  meaningless. The  FSA has  no cover for their sky that is major issues... 

Whole world watching this Aleppo battle, how the world power dealing with this we don't need their worry but we need  their actions, a decisive action  for arming the FSA for their  ground and for their sky, this is 2.5 million populated city, criminal gangs is indiscriminate attack , using heavy weapon from sky  jets, helicopters  and ground intent to destroy 2.5 million people’s  nests, the world become understand what implication  of this?


Defection of 700 Assad soldiers including 30 officers , FSA has ensured their safety in Homs .

FSA# defections are on the rise, in Daraa and Aleppo and Damascus are reporting to have many Assad forces defecting and joining the FSA .Allahu akbar!

We are hoping mass defection that is also major component for boosting terrorist perpetrator regime for collapsing, also the FSA they should nourish properly if they can, they have to fit to carry out their heroic battles successfully.   



Our heroes in FSA # Daraa Clashes between FSA and Assad forces -very well dressed sartorial fighters! 

Been thinking, what sort of mind of human beings, criminal Assad few of his cronies, knowing they have no future one or another way, they intent to destroy mass populate cities towns for! only we could say they are mad! and the world as spectator and watching saying; O, I am worry, concerning bulr blur...  they are hiding excusing behind the useless unsc vetoes. Considering leaders are as political animals their foremost concerning of their domestic affair people's polls, but this is a full blown; I believe criminals mind is same like Hitler Stalin kind psychopath but modern touch, and criminal may well be using chemical weapon as his barging using tool. 


Syrian rebels are readying themselves to battle government forces for control of Aleppo



This criminal Assad terrorists helicopter at Aleppo and shooting down everywhere! We don't anything to shot them down! We need stinger missiles! So US not give them to Revolutionists, we are hoping Yankee change their mind soon!   


And shame on you unsc  all your faulty you are not peace and security custodians but you are bunch of power mongering bullies chewing over your useless Charter!  


FSA #Jabal Azawiya display what they have seized from Assad forces of Ammunition .

FSA battalion of Mutasem bell'lah in Darra Commander Adham Abi Elheej has been Martyred, to the highest heavens our Commander , To Allah swt we belong and to him we shall return!
He was killed whilst defending the people in Syria by the Assad forces 23rd July 2012.

Aljazeera# Speaks to Syrian Activist form Daraa and reports that up to 20 Defected soldiers have been either executed or burnt alive by Assad Militia ,for defecting and refusing to take orders to fire at the civilians.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


US fears Syria planning massacre in Aleppo

SO MANY TALK BUT NOT ENOUGH ACTION! urgent meeting un general assembly meeting, how many people you world want to see them die? they are not jst numbers but they beloved  fathers mothers brothers and sisters  and sons and friends, where is the world conscience?   

This Music for the World Heroes the FSA - Their Victorious Foot Steps 


A Syrian parliamentarian representing the northern province of Aleppo has defected to Turkey, becoming the first member of the rubber-stamp assembly elected in May and dominated by President Bashar al-Assad's Ba'ath party to jump ship.

"I have crossed to Turkey and defected from this tyrannical regime … because of the repression and savage torture against a nation demanding the minimum of rights," Ikhlas al-Badawi told Sky News Arabia...


I think it is time criminal regime side of solders mass defect - your gun point to the traitors, not your own fathers mothers and not your own brothers and sisters!