Thursday, July 26, 2012

UN General Assembly


Arab nations say they will go to the U.N. General Assembly and seek approval of a new resolution on Syria.
They are calling for a political transition and establishment of a democratic government in Syria after the Security Council's failure to address the crisis.
Saudi Arabia's Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi and Qatari diplomat Abdulrahman Al-Hamadi announced Arab plans to seek action by the 193-member world body, where there are no vetoes, during a Security Council debate on the Middle East on Wednesday.
Last week, Russia and China vetoed a Security Council resolution aimed at pressuring the Syrian government to halt the violence by threatening sanctions.
 I don’t know how UN General Assembly work but here from Wikipedia as:

Voting in the General Assembly on important questions – recommendations on peace and security; election of members to organs; admission, suspension, and expulsion of members; budgetary matters – is by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting. Other questions are decided by majority vote. Each member country has one vote. Apart from approval of budgetary matters, including adoption of a scale of assessment, Assembly resolutions are not binding on the members. The Assembly may make recommendations on any matters within the scope of the UN, except matters of peace and security under Security Council consideration. The one state, one vote power structure theoretically allows states comprising just eight percent of the world population to pass a resolution by a two-thirds vote. (I underlined). 
It seem to me that there is way, surly, it has to be....  this way we should get around unsc!   We should move bit speed for everyone's interest!