Monday, July 23, 2012


May This blessed month give us FSA victory over the Assad regime!

“I travelled to Salahedin neighbourhood. I was shocked to see the revolution flags everywhere, in the streets, on buildings, at the balconies. I also saw a large number of Free Syrian Army members,” he said by phone.
 Criminal On the Run!


Look at this criminal gangs are nothing more than just a thieves! 


A Military Hospital

The above clip; criminal regime  kills lots of soldiers who were suspicious of loyalty! They torture and kill them at any time  at any number,  a journalist was asked by criminal regime officials whether he  would like to see funerals so he “yes” and he asked them “ when” the official told him that “ anytime” as the journalist comment was, regime just kill torture and kill the solders who were not loyal to the criminal regime and make funeral as if they were killed  at the conflict! Every single day 40-50 of them you can imagine all these solders who wanted to defect! Demoralized is the biggest main single to fail in any organization!