Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hot Pressure Cooker

 Few days back the Obama Administration said that they are going to help  the Syrian revolutionary outside unsc with same minded international allies, it seem to me that Russia worry about they are out of the loop, out of unsc out of sight also criminal point of view as long as Syria matter handled by unsc he can hangs - carried out ongoing massacres-  on because Russian and China vetoes so they try to “Syria matter” bring back into the useless futile unsc. Now they criminal force and Lebanese force fighting at the boarder.  This is hot plate – hot pressure cooker- ready to boil and explosion! We all know there is no place unsc this Syria matters until complete Assad criminal removed or effectively his regime is decapitated,  Russia will stand by him. Why? Russia lost a lot, Russian have been investing middle east last few decades with long term view, went with culture. Few days back Aruba League’s official comment was, Russia’s three veto mean veto against Arab countries. Russia and China abuse unsc Charter for their own personal sinister view, as they may end up like tyrannies- US West allies gang up again them-  fate around traps.

In addition, in my view properly arming  the FSA is very effective as ; i) they are gettingvery organized  with high morals, ii) need their own safe zone where they occupied land,  iii)this encouraged more defection.   

So  criminal assad thinks he can able to hangs by; i) Syria matter into unsc, ii) divvied conquer, sectarian, iii) propaganda of FSA is bunch of  Al Quad.    

In my view, to be frank UN is too old, as it was out of cold war, lost a common propose,   it is time to change, this Syrian  problems will not be solve under the unsc,  if they are ineffective they would have to change or get around – by  US allies “friend ofSyria” more effective, not just only meeting after meetings but clear agendas,   for common purpose of ending “Syria Humanitarian Crisis”.  These over 100 counties  with (NATO), surly if their mind together they can push over this problems. Unrest middle east ripple effect rest of world economy.  Syria  is critical condition, she needs a decisive operation; i.e. properly armed the FSA or military intervention-  for her survival by specialists, this can not be drag on, remove criminal Assad with few of his cronies that makes her heal…  instead spend on fortune on refugees, international community  that amount of money able to spend on a special operation of removing criminal so that people will not be stateless refugees. 

Russia on Wednesday lashed out at the United States for backing the armed opposition to the Syrian regime, saying Washington's failure to condemn the July 18 blast that killed top security officials meant it was justifying terror.
He criticized US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, saying she had argued that the Damascus attacks meant the UN Security Council had to agree a sanctions resolution against Syria last week that Russia later vetoed.

Russia is ready to host talks between the Syrian opposition and President Bashar al-Assad in a bid to end the country's conflict, its UN envoy said Wednesday. ...

The United States on Wednesday condemned Syria's use of attack helicopters in its civil conflict as "another indication of the depth of depravity" of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
White House spokesman Jay Carney issued the reaction aboard Air Force One following reports that helicopter gunships strafed several neighborhoods in Aleppo, Syria's commercial capital.- Agence France Presse 

Criminal intention of using chemical  weapons - see this clip, the FSA captured weapons from criminal military among them they have gas masks with them!