Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FSA The Warriors of Aleppo Aleppo

Courageous Warriors!!! 

FSA# Aleppo # All Battalions come and join together under one banner of Battalion called the Battalion of Al- Tawheed, 

Allahu Akbar!


FSA#Aleppo reports are confirming that Aleppo is much under FSA control , and we can see it by the coming weeks to be fully free and the first State in Syria to be liberated by the Will of Allah swt



The Syrian opposition would be willing to accept a transition led temporarily by a member of the regime if President Bashar al-Assad steps aside, the Syrian National Council said on Tuesday. 
"We would agree to the departure of Assad and the transfer of his powers to a regime figure, who would lead a transitional period like what happened in Yemen," Georges Sabra, a SNC spokesperson, told the AFP agency.

Make a sense!