Monday, July 23, 2012

Syrian Opposition Leaders: We Need U.S. Weapons

Two Syrian rebel commanders interviewed by The Daily Beast say they need advanced weapons to take out President Bashar al-Assad’s regime within the month and transition to a stable government. Khaled Habous, the head of the Damascus military council of the Free Syrian Army, said, “Before the end of this holy month of Ramadan it will be over.”

Ramadan ends on Aug. 19.

But Habous also said that depends on whether his forces get high-tech weapons from the United States to finish the job.

He cited Stinger missiles, the shoulder-fired rockets the Central Intelligence Agency supplied Afghan holy warriors in the 1980s, “that can neutralize the helicopters and tanks of Assad’s regime.” According to Habous, “This is all in the hands of the Americans. They have the say and we will hold them responsible for more victims."

Another rebel commander, Ahmed Nema, who heads the military council for the Free Syrian Army in Daraa, said on Sunday, “The regime is falling no matter what. I expect in four weeks the regime will go down, but because we lack advanced equipment it could go longer.”

The interviews with Habous and Nema were arranged by the Syrian Support Group, a Washington, D.C.-based lobby that has pressed the Obama administration to arm elements of the FSA. Though it’s perhaps not surprising that two commanders would press the U.S. for weapons support, especially as the rebels appear to be closer to toppling Assad, the Obama administration has so far refused to send any heavy weapons to Syria's rebels and instead has opted to support the opposition diplomatically and with nonlethal aid like communications gear.

This is a wining war, the freedom fighters exemplify  of their dedication of winning this war, for them very very personal war, unbelievably commit to their duty of end this war! They are genuinely profoundly care and sad about their country and their people’s suffering. They extremely determine to end this war soon as possible so that minimization of their country a destruction and end their people’s suffering – their people who are  stateless at neighboring countries able to come home! Some of US senate concerning about the Islamism extremists, I am not sure where you put barometer of extremist! Every religion has extremists. We human are  religious by nature even if you call yourself atheist but we still have the believe system in our own psychic in our own unique way, whether that is  God or mother…etc. when we are suffering we naturally looking for something to comfort us. In my view I dare to say I am hoping I am not misinterpretation in here but the Syrian freedom fighters, Allah is their unity, through chant, their spiritual duty of liberation Syria and their people’s suffering from long tyrannical suppression! It is onus feeling of supremacy once’ commitment to their land and their people, also endure extreme hardship to fight their very personal war.    How could any civilized society, 80% literacy, in this information age, endure such a tyrannical totalitarian police statehood? It is a natural extinction! So US should provide this absolutely necessary weapons to them to  win their war,  since the FSA didn’t have anything to cover up their  sky – which few days back we saw criminal army attacked  them with helicopters and tanks - and setting  up for non-fly zone  is much more extensive deployment. We should not worry about too much extremists. Ofcoures we should know about it.   They reason are; i) there is lots of propaganda from criminal side, al Quad is always allies with criminal.  ii) Al Quad can be brought to do any job. iii) Syria median age is about 22 years, very young they are not interest in extremist. US will not regrets this help as risk will be handsomely return! Libya is good example of it!  Also much more for sure! Will be a beneficial relationship! 

Criminal's  safe passage for his step down! 

His safe heaven! 

his empty inner circle

These are some of the Faces that died from the Damascus bombing blasts last week..not all are Syrian that were present at the meeting with top Syrian Intelligence officers..Intelligence officers from Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia , Iran and Lebanon were also present plotting and planning with the Assad Security forces on whole to Crush the Syrian revolution and the FSA...They plot and plan..........but Allah swt is the Best of planners!