Saturday, July 21, 2012

5,000 and 6,000 POLTICAL prisoners in Homs...

An activist in Homs tells Al Jazeera that at around 1am local time,  a riot began the central prison's old building.  We're told that at least some guards defected and supported the rioters there.
Security forces, however, surrounded the prison and clashed with prisoners, and three people are reported killed so far. 
Activists say there are between 5,000 and 6,000 prisoners in Homs Central Prison held there and fear a massacre.
Mahmoud Hassoun - from Khalidiya Mahmoud Turkmen - from the short and cut off our connection with the prisoners and we are afraid the lives of approximately 5,000 to 6,000 prisoners are there because the system date is full of massacres committed in the prisons. and had tried to contact the international observers and tell them about it without that, we find no response. We call on international organizations and human rights organizations on the Rights of prisoners by clicking on the system to intervene immediately and urge him not to commit any other violation of the right of prisoners. come back and say, will not only benefit our fellow prisoners ... Believe Dauatcm Voktheroa them, including
 All of them political prisoners!



The picture shows the condition of Syrian families in Ramtha - Jordan

For those who don't know, Syrians hosted nearly 2 million Iraqis after the war in 2003, and more than 200,000 Lebanese in 2006. In many cases we opened our homes despite the fact that the living standard in Syria has always been lower than in their countries. Today the Iraqi government has sealed the border and says it cannot allow Syrian refugees into Iraq. This week the Lebanese government's Higher Relief Committee stopped providing health and other services to Syrians because it said it cannot afford them. (We leave aside the lack of protection from Assad's men and his proxies inside Lebanon). Meanwhile, Jordan is handing the activist Omar Hariri to the Syrian regime, which means handing him to his death. We have one question here, forget Arabism, forget Islam, forget being neighbours, aren't we HUMAN???


The world leaders are talking about “ stop fighting or criminal step down…”  all that meaningless wordings and talking sake of talking while they don’t feel about it. Hoping they do something behind scene, it can not be keep going on…  i) what is NATO?  ii) what is “ friend of Syria” do? iii)what is Arab League do?  these are not unsc…? No more waste time useless unsc, so get around it surly many countries want to stop for sake of their own interest not only Syria  but themselves too!?  This is winning strike for the freedom fighters!  It is risk-return possibilities of your leverage!  As you can see, in terms of the risk it has been  immensely removed, investment any investment there is risk but it is worthwhile  risk to Syria