Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disgraced Traitors

Confessions of Brigadier General Munir Chlebh Responsible for the massacre of Sednaya

This is utter utter demoralization and deep dehumanization. speedy up defection!  if any military official in situation this is more than death! Hum this is good idea, go after more generals do this! demoralization and deep dehumanization, front of the world! How they kill their own people! Against their own people their own Syrian and protecting criminal regime!

The world no longer faith on Annan words, we are also losing faith of UNSC too and criminal Assad is nobody, the most violence area it can be refer to the Free Syrian Army territories that are  their safe land they can not  should not compromise their safe land!  Also large civilian in these area they are protecting them  too, also steadily growing  FSA  strength so that least balance of power able to creates and encourage military personal for defection and they have to their own safe territories  for their standing! West allies not compromise this no matter what! Why Annan listen the criminal lair again again why Anna think the world has faith on his wording and his promises of the criminal. Instead he should working on  criminal and few of cronies step down! Why bring Iran into  that is add more complexity why not keep it simple.