Saturday, July 28, 2012



While fearsome battles on Aleppo, world leader’s  consciences passer by orbiter podium; “…deeply worry, terrible concern, respect humanitarian law,  appalling mascara…” indeed nice words fearsome fulsome feeble calculations front of world media,  the leaders’ lechery wholesome bullshit  expenses of  Syrian people’s blood, their nicely crafted  shoulder blade words are awesomely touching our hearts! Please put your noble deeded words rest your amusement crocodile theme park, rolling over your lechery hypocrisy! Millions of people’s life is not your fun park trailing squadrons! 

I think also FSA should utilize media their own advantage, strictly control what publicizes what is not their activities! 

Hey criminal assad you don’t need to run but just wait there! Jus let us know where you are! Haha 


FSA# Battalion of Al sahaba in Damascus..This is a video where you see complete Bravery and faith in Allah sw the almighty that Victory only comes from him , protection from him! FSA are holding light arms and fight against the Assad tanks, right in front of them..These are the most courageous of men i have seenAllahu Akbar


FSA# Battalion of Al farouq destroy an Assad Tank 28 2 2012


This Homsi child runs away with her family to Lebanon due to the barbaric bombing . She doesn't know what awaits them ...

Our bravest heroes will make you come home soon my little friend!

All Syrians for Sure - Hugs and Kisses


FSA in Daraa seize control of the checkpoint after clashing with them, some are killed others injured..FSA even took it upon themselves to aid the injured ones..and there was also a young man that was on his last breath who is part of the Assad forces who told them forgive me i had no choice, the FSA told him make shahada (shahada declaration of faith that there is only one God Allah swt and muhammed is the messenger of Allah swt ) before you leave this world dont worry about us, worry about yourself..make shahada..See the mercy of these FSA men..they are men of heart and mercy..they had to fight them because they were attacked by them, but when they overpowered them they showed mercy on them ..

Criminal Assad they kill their own brothers!