Friday, July 20, 2012

Syria Water Is Poisoning

IMPORTANT AND URGENT : Deir ez-Zor: an important and very urgent: water was poisoning of dier ezzor please do not drink water until further notice.

According to an article  Putin made a statement and saying that he disagree with Western allies may looking for a military intervention  re: Syria outside of  unsc charter! Well he knows outside of unsc there  no way he can be a tsar? Russia  will be lose everything  from the middle east what they have been investing so far!   

I think unsc is not constructive and irresponsibles body of the world peace and security rather, opportunities for few who revenge over others otherwise they can not expense of  humanity suffering!  unsc is corrupted  and lost its propose and merit! useless! 

This is one of most afraid  of the thing, unsc didn't discuss it during the re: Syria, they suppose to be custodian of " the world peace and security" but they are bunch of power-mongering feeble possess me possess me not nuts! what can they do about it now?   "the world peace and security" in their bottomless stinking not thinking foreheads!  Dear Allah punish them all!  O Allah one more thing, make unsc power is minuscule so that they have nothing to misuse them!