Saturday, July 28, 2012



The head of the exiled Syrian opposition called on Saturday for the rebels to be armed, insisting that President Bashar al-Assad   criminal perpetrator Assad  should be tried for "massacres" and not be offered asylum in any future solution.( I strike through, he doesn't deserve to be called) 
"We want weapons that would stop tanks and jet fighters. That is what we want,"

International community not willing action but lots of scarecrow wordings, in terms of our heroes the FSA have to have proper weapons for cover up sky and tanks, they are incredible motivated, high moral as they know that what they stands for, ultimate justices,  liberation for their land their people from long suppression.  They are not expecting from international community too much, after unsc vetoes, but they want something so essential, vital things for the wining their battle, they need weapons that shot down fighter jets and helicopters from the sky  and shot tanks.  A clip show our heroes challenged ordinary gun to criminal tanks. Taking Aleppo strategic view point a vital, as Mrs Clintons suggested that there would a safe zone so that i) people not have to flee, ii) for the international community cost effective their money unitization, instead spend refugees campus around neighbouring  countries, that may be stay within their Syrian, way of stabilization and creation economy, iii) encourage defects military personals who is still criminal, as no option, iv) that leaves not much territory left for the criminal…etc.   please make your Sunday bit kind Sunday! 

Allahu Akbar

CNN - The Revolutionary controls vast Syria, Yes  We need stringer missiles shot fighter jets down