Monday, July 16, 2012

The Help Should be Given

Why Russian keep insisting Syrian people solves their own problems? Because Russia use it as excuses for power over west et al.  Russia don’t have right to insists  to Syrian people to solve their own problems as Syrian people has been asking international community “HELP” the HELP"  should be given to them to  prevent a grave a atrocity! Criminal Assad never has been chosen by Syrian people, he inherited his position from his father who also took his position by force. It has been a  police state, it has been run by fear and suppression!  The Syria is a nation of 80% literacy, the world become one global family; Young Syrian people’s mind know painfully that what they have been missing since they were born- her median age is around 22 years old!  It is difference then 40 years ago and now.  The thing is Syrian can not solves its problems without goes through immense atrocity,  Free Syrian Army is a main power with basic weapons but with great wits, also FSA is immensely empowered with a great determination, also it is very encouraging the scale of defection.  Annan plan never deigned to the people of Syrian but rather it designed for UNSC, Russia and criminal Assad, open ending, it can be argue every possible dimension, no mechanisms, assasd has been used the loophole as his bidding his time and killed more people, it doomed.  One single thing is Syrian people want criminal go!   


What a Senseless Waste




Change always goes with pain, as no pain no gain,  every changes have their characteristic and differences,  but  among many, one of the core challenge is change is  a compelling leadership! The leadership; the leader must have innate understanding people, uncompromising integrity, and resilience, able to tap into under current… and vision…etc otherwise fail…! Syria is only go forward not backward… it is only way! The Way! 

Can the Geneva Conventions stop the carnage in Syria? 

A huge prison for political activists allthese 40 years- after the revolution they don’t need it, Russia had Glucks   In history every tyrants and totalitarian regimes built their prisons first for their enemies!  

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) should access these prisons this is not only one but surely there is more around all Syria!