Saturday, July 21, 2012


We have a clear message and question directed to the following organizations : 
Red Cross 
Red Crescent 
Where are you from what is happening to our children here ! injured children are transferred from area to another since no First Aid Medical Supplies are available ! and are in real danger of death or disability !
This child was injured in the shelling on Al-Mastooma Village in Idleb , and was transferred to Sermin field hospital !
We demand you to shoulder your professional responsibilities towards what is happening here !

BLOODY EVERYONE SO HYPOCRITE!!! they are collecting comfy rich funding around traps name of humanity but where is humanity now?  


نسيقية ديرالزور: هام : وردنا الآن :البوليل:نحيطكم علماَ أن حالات التسمم نتجت عن طريق استنشاق غازات لا عن طريق شرب المياه --المياه ليست ملوثة فقط الخزانات الموجودة في المحطة ....وتشهد القرية الآن حركة نزوح الاهالي من جانب المحطة بسبب الغازات السامة

Is this chemical weapons? 


 Great News to Share

Idlib-Abu AlDahour|| FSA// Battalion of Martyrs of Jabal Al zawiyah have seized control of the Military Airport after clashing with the Assad forces from :11:30 pm Approx till this Mornong Syrian Time..Reports of heavy losses in the Assad Army .