Monday, July 16, 2012



Yeah we are talking about the numbers now! They are chocking criminal off!  Gee one of the most beautiful phonemes I have seen for sometimes, yes I went to see sunset today there was a smashing beauty! Only 40% to go! Classic says sense out from numbers! 

A Syrian army defector said that the rebels controlled 60 per cent of the country and that all they needed was limited military intervention from NATO to help them topple President Bashar Assad, a pan-Arab daily newspaper reported on Monday.

"All we need from NATO are two air attacks on the presidential palace to topple the regime and we will be able to control all the Syrian cities," Major General Adnan Salo, who is a former head of the chemical weapons unit in the Syrian army, told Asharq al-Awsat.

Matter of time!


Alaraybiaya# Defection of Chief of Security of Politics in Damascus Abdulrahman Altahtoh and has joined the FSA ...Allahu Akbar!!
Today is the largest reports of defections in the history of the revolution and the military operations of the FSA.Syria from north to south and from east to west and especially of Damascus are in heavy fierce clashes with the Assad forces! A day not to forget! May Allah swt bring swift Victory to our FSA and protect them!

Turkey's intervention in Syria's current events is required to prevent the clashes taking place in the country, the official representative of the Syrian opposition wing in the city of Hama Khaled Abu Salah said today, the CNN Turk, TV channel reported.

"Turkey's support for the Syrian opposition is not enough," he said. "It is necessary to intervene in the events in the country."

He added that Syrian President Bashar Assad's staying in power is unacceptable.
"International observers in Syria witnessed the destruction of the civilian population in the country," Abu Salah said.

When Turkey comes the NATO comes too!!!

Lots of Generals' Defection!! - blow stormy feet - voting on their feet!!  Freedom feet! WWOW FEET!

This is UNSC's responsible, doing the killing job, while so many people, helpless children death, they are just power-ego-mongering playing their own agendas! The World is watching them very carefully, every action every words they have spoken  to record  for the  historical evidences, how so called leaders of the UNSC abusing their Charter-world peace and security - piling up their cherished evilness - there is no angel in my table for sure! but stop killing!