Saturday, July 14, 2012

Heroes of Syria

Syria massacre: Assad's forces 'shot anything moving'

The small town of Tremseh has suffered what may be the single worst atrocity of the Syrian uprising, say eyewitnesses

A video still said to be of a funeral for victims of the assault on the town of Tremseh. Photograph: AP

Have you seen cluster bombs? I mean in person? Have you seen them explode in your town or village? The Syrian civilians are experiencing this first hand.

This is Russian made cluster bombs, criminal army is using at killing civilian!


Defection Statement of Major General Adanan Sloug


Psychologically battered, Assad's soldiers abandon Assad

Free Syrian Army fighters, who defected from the regular army, are seen at Mahameel near Idlib, June 18, 2012. Picture taken June 18, 2012.
Credit: Reuters/Shaam News Network/Handout
...Farzat said Sunni soldiers were ordered to deploy at roadblocks and fire at the demonstrations while Alawite Military Intelligence personnel stood to the back or on the balconies of apartments, ready to shoot the soldiers if they disobeyed orders.

I think definitely west should provide a safe zone for the Free Syrian Army with no-fly zone.  So that their family able to go easily there, I think lots of case they stuck in because of their family.
An amazing thing when you looking into all these social network site, despites this horrendous atrocity they have been through, Syrian people laughing about themselves their situation with great sense of dignity and spirit, sometimes I wonder whether I should laugh or cry!