Thursday, July 26, 2012

NO More Take Refuge Behind Strong Words And Weak Action

Al-Hamadi said the Syrian government's threat to use chemical and biological weapons, and other threats to the region, "have made us feel even further regret with the inability of the Security Council to deal with the Syrian crisis in an effective manner."

Therefore, he said, "the Arab group in New York is going to the General Assembly of the United Nations to deal with the serious threat represented by the Syrian crisis."

The push for action in the General Assembly followed an appeal earlier Wednesday by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for the world to unite in its response to Syria's civil war and do all it can to stop what he called the slaughter taking place there.

"Today, the international community is being tested in Syria," he said in a speech to Bosnia's parliament in Sarajevo, the once devastated city at the heart of the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

"Without unity, there will be more bloodshed. More deadlock means more dead," Ban said. "That is why, here in the heart of a healing Bosnia and Herzegovina, I make a plea to the world: Do not delay. Come together. Act. Act now to stop the slaughter in Syria."
This time if you UN failed the world definitely UN is NUN surely world not failed  its own obligation we see whether world livable place or not! Could you please anyone the mouthpiece criminal UN representative that he won’t be too long either so he should take care of his barreled shot gun mouth put press trigger on his criminal chicken master  instead the great Syrian people, and remind him he is only the servant of chicken!  

FSA# Deir Ezour..This is a Very sad video for us and it will be for you all, and FSA soldier has been shot by Assad regime and left on the Ground literally dying, the locals in the area are trying to bring him away from the fire line, but fail..Assad forces keep shooting at our hero till he leaves the world with the shahada (declaration of faith of Islam..That there is only one God Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah swt) the locals call to him saying you are a Martyr be happy , Heaven awaits you..Very emotional indeed..To our hero that fought till his last breath to protect the innocent people against a ruthless regime...we say you may be gone but not forgotten and may Allah swt Grant you the highest heavens.

One of most sad horrendous image we are watching, worst every day every moment happens everywhere in Syria, the criminal mad, he is mad rampage, Russia  Iran and China supporting his mad rampage for their own agenda against a great humanitarian crisis!