Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Possible Birthday Cake

 August is, my birthday month. My birthday celebrated two times every year when I was child – one for lunar calendar that falls sometimes between September to November – one for normal August.  Always my birthday, I  was given a special birthday cake among other things “ Korean traditional rice cake” becase that is my favourite. You can not buy from any shop (although they are now preceding commercial production). Making the cake is very complex system involved,  whole processes would take least few days that is only actually making cake but not special material  rice breeding and harvesting period( this particular rice is specially breed rice not as same ordinary rice more sticky and more yellow colour I think). I have not seen so I don’t know I only know very tasty that is I know! Been thinking system is wrong I am not wrong not able to cook traditional food. I think whole things ingredients which is mostly years to take produce, i.e. soy source I think least 10 years old kind of thing-   you have to deploy whole system into cooking well  yes some say if you can't do certain things you can always balms the system not yourself so I blames the system! So I have to asked myself can I fix the system? Well yes we always try aren’t we?  Perhaps I can change my taste? But how could I do that? mind you I don’t like hybrid as far as traditional Korean food concern. Just been thinking about my birthday that is all! I used to have my own spoon too that was my 1 years old birth day gift! I just quick looking at google image there are not many image such traditional  rice cake I after probably system all collapsing cooking a such complex and  time consuming!  Need the tacit knowledge to make complexity to simple! Or I can have my birthday cake for pecan pie? one thing for sure if I change my taste of food that make it rather simple? but then... thinking... or