Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Allah

Dear Allah speed up your kindness and blessing- bit of hurricane wings- to the freedom fighters, Syrian people and especially bestow super firepower to FSA so that they can annihilate criminal Assad and his gangs as soon as possible so that everyone able to go their  homes, see their families,  and  their schools, this revolution  takes too long time Allah far long time, there is revolution going on so you must work hard, if you can you,  should  skip your sleep too you must wake up all the time look out for the FSA, make sure they win very fights, make sure every their  bullets shoot criminals but make sure all criminals’ bullets by-pass to them!  Make a huge defection! Dear Allah make sure all the criminals let them open their heart and eyes and to  see the true what is going on their nation!  Thank you very much your kindness!   


My grumble grumble….

An immense hypocrisy of  the bloody unsc members re: Syria, they put same equal firepower both  criminal army and the revolutionary the FSA, other side comes with tanks ,helicopters and the FSA is only basic weapons! This is a sheer stupidity of  doomed Annan plan originated, which Russian’s suggestion was, Annan didn’t understand whole thing then also other Western allies members didn’t do their home work  as much as the Russia did but probably  they relined on half backed- opinioned their officials desk top researches. Annan was gullible and impractical, he was too happy to cheesy meeting with tyrants but too snob to meet with the revolutionary.  Western allies didn’t know their strategic geopolitical advantage of having the Syria their side. Of course I understand their domestic problems and US election year, Gulf nations offered money but they didn’t act urgently? Now what you UN offer, why not some action urgency, we don’t know what is going on inside Syria, why the UN is hopeless? Why all humanitarian organizations or red cross or international criminal court what they have been doing why are they so silence?   What is the UN for? What is the propose of the UN!?  


Joint Commander of  Damascus Volcano  


International Company Should  Sponsor the Revolutionists

I think international companies – especially friends of Syria- sponsor the freedom fighters, you know the Syrian revolutionaries are wining this game, they are the stars of this game! they should sponsor them, treat the freedom fighters as a attractive stars – there is lots of passionate charismatic  heroes  are around Syria, mostly are hidden because of their safety but few of them acutely surfaced, unveiled their faces, when you see  leading mass demonstration they are amazing!  I saw some  of very famous footballer among them, so instead moive stars singers  they should chose revolutionists and sponsor them, cars, computers, clothing etc. You can imagine when the all media world wide exposure brands that can be  brand  recognition, the revolutionary side they should control this, they select them ofcoures.  Through these  global companies able to portray more positives image of corporate responsiveness, to care others' suffering! In this regards Russia and China vetoes are terrible tragic for our mankind. they only cares their own power game expenses of Syrian people suffering and  mass destruction, instabilities around the region. The freedom fighters the revolutionaries same as famous stars! Organizations  sponsoring freedom fighters, same as  they pay famous stars! I think it is much better for the corporate image for branding!   



Russia will regret its decision to veto the latest UN Security Council resolution on Syria, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Friday.Hague warned that it was now likely that countries would step up arms supplies to rebels. Russia would also find that its interests in the Middle East would suffer long-term as a result, he warned.
"We will all be doing more outside the Security Council and intensifying our work to support the Syrian opposition, to give humanitarian aid," said Hague in a BBC interview.
Asked whether Britain would be involved in arming the opposition in Syria, he said: "I don't rule out any option for the future because we can't foresee how it will develop, but it's never been our policy in any of the conflicts in the Middle East to send lethal assistance to any of the parties involved."( I underlined)
[Source: dpa]

Yes I agree with Mr Hague( he went to Jordan, see himself on the ground)  Russia only see one side of using  their power over Western et al, but long-term they would suffer. they were abusing their privilege of being permanent membership, they abused their power expense of human suffering! the world should condemn  their vetoes! that is appalling  evilness the world community should remember!