Thursday, July 19, 2012


NOW your turn you criminal Assad  the freedom fighters are coming to collect your due!



STILL SO many senseless death!

DAMASCUS (18/07/2012): It is very hard to know how many have been killed today, 77 martyrs have been reported until this moment, mostly in Damascus and Daraa. Following reports that several senior figures in the regime have been assassinated by a bomb, Assad's forces are shelling parts of the capital including Midan, the southern districts of Hajar Aswad, Tadmun and Babbila and the eastern districts of Qabun, Jobar and Kafr Batna. Thousands of shabiha are spreading in other parts of the city, slaughtering anyone in their way. The video shows Qadam district, no need to explain.


Saqr Omia Terrorist Assad is planning on using chemical weapons against the Syrian people.


Death man walking  -  Do you think the criminal still alive?

What it says is that all the population on freedom fighters ( collectively, FSA, Activists and Syrian people  et al)  side, I don’t think even from now on anyone everyone inside criminal regime worry about their life and their families’ after the revolution, this is one way street. The terrible monstrous  beauty wake up from its sleep finally,  willed fortress mass, million visions with  stormy hurricane feet blow one way  street!