Sunday, July 22, 2012

Call them Criminal Army or Criminal Gang

World media STOP refer criminal Assad force as "Syrian army or Syrian force" instead  call them " Assad force or Assad army or regime force"    as they are NOT  represent Syrian people at all  but they are represent criminal regime protecting criminal Assad and his criminal regime.

Any Syrian force or Syrian army  never ever commits  amid of atrocity; town cities and village and drive million people into destitute and drive them out from their own homes towns and nation  made them stateless. so original Syrian army lost their legitimacy STOP call them as" Syrian army" as they are protecting criminal Assad and his criminal regime.

SO THE FREE SYRIAN ARMY  is the legitimate army as they are protecting Syrian people and Syria!

These army personal who is criminal side, shame on you, you are not honourable military personal but you are  northing more then criminal gang and protecting criminal assad! Defect to Syria and Syrian people side and your gun point straight into criminal not your own people not your own Syria!

criminal gang are bulldozing  a vegetable field - unbelievable!   

One more whoever still criminal assad side look at the picture, criminal assad is a little chicken this is you are protecting, shame on you! he is a malices mad little stupid idiot! 
chicken assad

Meeting with the chicken! - Ali Abdullah Ayub, the new chief of chicken staff