Thursday, July 12, 2012

Born Into a Chair

Homs Jouret Shiyah and very violent bombardment Alaqrabas 11/7


An activist from Homs told Al Jazeera on Thursday: “The shelling has continued in Homs for 36 days in a row. The city of Homs is in a suffocating siege imposed by the Assad army at this moment there is bombardment in the old districts and in al-Khalidya.”
you can imagine 36 days under that shelling, lots of children are killed by criminals' snipers - UNSC useless!!  they drew out something they are arguing about whose text are more bullet proof!  
#Syria #Homs:12.07.2012Rastan,Homs,todayASSads shelling targeted RELIEF HQ OF RASTAN..nothing left.....its important to inform that Rastan has been subjected to tight siege..that Rastan has an ACUTE NEED for food and medical supplies...

I think Rastan heaving shelling is a result of   general Manaf Tlass defection!! Tlass home town is Rastan Homs! 

Rastan | | shell for the first time destroy the entire neighborhood 11/7/2012

I don’t know what the anchor is saying but the picture tells story! 

He is very famous Syrian political cartoonist, his works are very political lampoon, challenge  Assad criminal regime so he had been beaten up even  his hands too! One of his lampoon says; Assad born into a chair, so Assad’s  mother is a chair!! Haha haha ahahah……………………hahah…. 

The images include Soviet-produced unexploded submunitions and a bomb canister, apparently found in Jabal Shahshabu, a mountainous area near Hama.
An activist in the area told Human Rights Watch that the region where the cluster remnants were allegedly found has been under sustained bombardment by Syrian forces over the past two weeks. 
"These videos show identifiable cluster bombs and submunitions," said Steve Goose, Arms Division director at Human Rights Watch. "If confirmed, this would be the first documented use of these highly dangerous weapons by the Syrian armed forces during the conflict."
Syria.....The Holy Land,The Sacred Levant... are your daughters and sons....
we fight on to set you free...noble,ancient,triumphant Syria.

Gorgeous little girl 

Something nice to see and we can smile about this beautiful girl!  Among all these horrendous