Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The world blindfolded ...

Russia's Deputy U.N. Ambassador Alexander Pankin said a resolution under Chapter 7 would be "counterproductive" in what he described as a "delicate situation." Russia and China have previously vetoed U.N. resolutions designed to pressure Assad.

"There is no mention of Chapter 7 (in the Russian draft) and that's a matter of principle for us because we believe the special envoy is doing a commendable job," Pankin told Reuters. "(The draft) is a continuation of the mission bearing in mind the recommendations of the Secretary-General."
One Security Council diplomat, who did not want to be named, described the Russian draft as "basically a rollover."

"At the very least it needs to be combined with some real pressure on the parties," he said. "The council will need to address the Syria situation in a more comprehensive way."

3 more months? You kidding, Pankin deserves a huge sashes from the criminal Assad for trying to extend another 3 months for his killing rampage! How many more people life does Russia want?  “delicate situation” wow, his stark towed wagging  tongue rollerbladed a feeble folly garter safety pin for the criminal security!  all the weapon you supplied, criminal went thought his killing rampage  least 17,000 people, talking about “principle” since when Russia has principal, there is only sumptuous master’s  blessing to the killer, their  principle is voluptuous whore harlotry! As their intelligent would tell them Assad ending near so the feel the ground,  if they want to win the Rebel they have to be bit more sincere! You can not get anywhere in your whore’s creed? Anyway the criminal is loosing why Syrian people should bargaining with a loser!  

#FSA# Deir Ezzour is indeed the Graveyard of Assad tanks!within 14 days, reports state 108 Assad tanks destroyed by our FSA!Allahu Akbar!! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!! 10th July 2012

Open your eye and see what is going on ground! 


Horrendous gruesomeness children pictures in here, again I don;t what to say!    The world blindfolded tongue tied  and gone deaf 


 You wonder why Iran, Russia and China and criminal Assad felling in love Annan’ plan = accomplices

It is so beautiful song! via http://www.facebook.com/Lt.Col.Hussein.Harmoush

"Some 40 percent of the army there hasdefected," Saleh said, putting the morale of pro-Assad forces at "ahistorical low."