Thursday, July 12, 2012


UNSC members also military personals who still criminal Assad side and looking at this child face what he  asking for?  If your existent  is all about world peace and security and protecting your nation and your people, you should follow your creed, they are the future of the world, they are the future of your nation! They have right grow up a safety healthy environment! They have right to nourish their mind and body! That is your duty to provide them instead destroying their future!  

Annan's  proven track record!

The most stupid, gullible and traitorous thing Annan is doing is that, he went see criminal Assad try to revival his dead plan, he probably received sweet lies from the criminal. Except criminal no one believe his plan anymore! Clearly the Revolutionary is not negotiate with Assad, always has been consistent with “ Assad go!” now! Cleary the criminal is losing so he called Annan he make another false  promises prior to UNSC meeting  so that it gives Russia et al  things to argue again, and Russia able to  power over the west!  UNSC for reviving or rolling over Annan dead plan. Please we do not believe no more Annan dead plan nor criminal promises,  Annan should tell the world he failed utterly!   His ability as a mediator abysmal, he is unable to analysing what is the ground situation correctly!   His approach is top down instead bottom up!  He listen so many people he is unable to focus on the core problems, of course  there are problems we can solve with complexities  but virtue of problems solving is complex to simple! You solve this problems as the world problems also you can solve this problem Syrian People V criminal Assad! then you know what you have to do!  


UNSC Veto- Who want to kill more people? hand up! 

Me! here I am Russia! I want to kill more people!!!


UNSC meet to talk about Syria  

Anna must accepts his dead plan as fact, - as a medallion of his proven track record ,  full of  skeletons  on grave yards and if he keep insist, it gives Russia  continuously block on   the Chapter 7, Anna's should clear away himself with his dear medallion  so that Russia has no option to argue! Russia using both Annan's plan as a hook to power over the west and punish them! that is not power but bully cruel   inhuman exploitation of  innocent human life - we the world watching carefully  UNSC, and this unspeakable barbaric inhuman  criminal on the ground! the world should remember what the UNSC doing!