Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cold Callings

"Clearly this is a regime that is being cornered and encircled. While the regime has a lot of power which it uses to pound the rebels and attack them, politically, the regime is being confined to smaller and smaller areas.
"In the last two months, two things happened simultaneously. The Free Syrian Army and the local fighting forces completely gave up on international support, the international community, the UN and any kind of major aid or political movement. The second thing is they started coordinating much more closely and getting better equipments, more money and more recruits, and therefor devising a strategy which is now being implemented, which is to attack simultaneously around different parts of the country and starting with hit-and-run operations ... This will go on for some time and it's clearly succeeding. The government simply cannot marshal enough resources or enthusiasm among its troops, or confidence, to keep fighting across the entire country."
 The freedom fighters send out every “Friend of Syria” counties for help ; i.e. money, weapons, logistics equipments, vehicles for transportation, technology equipment…etc… ask them  small quantity enough they can not refuse but big enough to worthwhile ( ask few different countries same thing  i.e. 4 wheel drive vehicles   around $5-10 million mark worth of goods)  most counties able to do so! Direct approach to their embassies Turkey! If they want to pay back that is ok! New free Syria will be no problem these? It is cold calling! It works for sure!