Thursday, July 26, 2012


US fears Syria planning massacre in Aleppo

SO MANY TALK BUT NOT ENOUGH ACTION! urgent meeting un general assembly meeting, how many people you world want to see them die? they are not jst numbers but they beloved  fathers mothers brothers and sisters  and sons and friends, where is the world conscience?   

This Music for the World Heroes the FSA - Their Victorious Foot Steps 


A Syrian parliamentarian representing the northern province of Aleppo has defected to Turkey, becoming the first member of the rubber-stamp assembly elected in May and dominated by President Bashar al-Assad's Ba'ath party to jump ship.

"I have crossed to Turkey and defected from this tyrannical regime … because of the repression and savage torture against a nation demanding the minimum of rights," Ikhlas al-Badawi told Sky News Arabia...


I think it is time criminal regime side of solders mass defect - your gun point to the traitors, not your own fathers mothers and not your own brothers and sisters!