Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dirty Game

Why is the criminal Assad fighting with Syrian people?
It is terrible again Russia and China’s veto but not surprised at all. Putin is consider himself is a tsar. UNSC permanent membership gives Russia immense power, especially protecting criminal Assad – power over west also solid geopolitical footing the region.  Around Middle East Russia has been steadily increasing their economic investment and trade last few decades and with their relationship Iran too considering. So Russia pass√©  through the UN Charter 7 means they give up their lucrative power( rare commodity) and economical gain, US et al ask them give up freely( we don’t know  what has been  exchange between Obama and Putin their phone conversation few days back!). So term of the Charter 7, a tool-  cost nothing for Russia, remembering US et al spend trillions both Iraq and Afghanistan, they couldn’t buy their full loyalty yet)-   for Russia would protecting the criminal Assad as long as he can  stand, I am not surprise actually Russian encourage the criminal keep going! Also US et al same thing. Just different banner that is all.  Sadly Syrian people and Syria middle of it. For us we stick into US et al much better for us least we know them, but we never shut down our conversation with Russia as well too. In short term how could remove criminal Assad bloodless as possible way? i) Increase firepower Freedom Fighter (FSA, ground revolutionary et al), ii) encourage defection, any decent  military personals or officials of the regime  they have to understand what that mean standing criminal side, they are destroying their own Syria against their own people so they are traitors along with criminal assad.  iii) Ask help  Arab countries and friend of Syria other supporters. In this game the rebel, they the principals, they are Syrian, they owned responsibilities;  must flexible resourceful, inclusive( regardless religions and sects…etc) ask help anyone they can access,  they should deploy everything to win this game this mean minimization of destruction of Syria and people’s causality, that may be years years to fix. 



FSA# Aleppo # Adanan is Free under FSA control..Allahu Akbar!

FSA#Aleppo#Izaaz...the Moment the FSA declares its city free from Assad forces! 19th July 2012