Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wining Strike

No one  knows where criminal Assad is that is end of  the criminal's story!

We remember Gaddafi's  final days he hided so we didn’t know where he was, same things always tyranny’s ending is similar! Gosh bloody unsc veto is my foot! we will not see them any more for sure!  Hahahah!!!!!! unsc ( I can not make font any more smaller!) no power for their chisai vetoes! You unsc going to veto for yourself for your world peace and security! Gosh make my day!  they feel a huge of bitter! No power no veto! you know power is two edge sword! when you are position of power you should kind to others, that is beauty of power and you are truly powerful,  you make yourself gain from expenses of others people's suffering that is not power  but you are a coward  bully! 



Mshr Ramadan, accompanied by the army in the free Zablatani - July 

I like rituals they are very symbolic immense sentiment and unique each culture!  Kind Allah blesses us, everyone and Syria and her people,   fast track bring down criminal Assad! He says so Allah listens his bequest!

Free Army battalion Atareb glories take over the 57 mm cannon

they are all terribly happy with tier prize  at the nice oilve grove!