Monday, July 30, 2012

Impressive Heroic Battle

Heroes are very young and very  handsome, but carried out very impressive courageous killing operation! Chief of Aleppo, Colonel al-Oqaidi, says "There is no strategic withdrawal of the Free Syrian Army.”  You can imagine all these heroes’ creed, what they stand for and  their heroic determination, all but very inspirational we the world applaud their bravery!  

Hhaah CNN gone to inside!


Panetta says when, not if, al-Assad falls, Syrian military should remain intact

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says that when Bashar al-Assad loses his grip on power, he wants the Syrian military to remain in place.

"I think it's important when Assad leaves - and he will leave - to try to preserve stability in that country. And the best way to preserve that kind of stability is to maintain as much of the military, the police, as you can, along with the security forces, and hope that they will transition to a democratic form of government. That's a key," Panetta told CNN's Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr in an exclusive interview in Tunis, Tunisia, Monday.

"It's very important that we don't make the same mistakes we made in Iraq," he said. "And that, particularly, when it comes things like the chemical sites. They (the Syrian military) do a pretty good job of securing those sites. If they suddenly walked away from that, it would be a disaster to have those chemical weapons fall into the wrong hands - hands of Hezbollah or other extremists in that area."
Yes I agree US et al should not make a same mistake Iraq, only need to criminal few of his cronies that is all...!  this important point to make  inside military and civilian  personal should know, Syrian  are all victims except few of his cronies, the criminal himself and his family.


Syria's rebels distributed on Monday a "national salvation draft" proposal for a political transition in the country, bringing together military and civilian figures for a post-Bashar al Assad phase.
This has changed with time, with the Joint Command, headed by Colonel Kassem Saadeddine, emerging as an increasingly representative coordination body for the FSA inside Syria.

The transition-phase higher defence council should include "all Military Council leaders in Syria's cities and provinces, as well as all the high-profile defected officers and others who have contributed to the revolution," the Joint Command statement said.

Among the proposed presidential council's responsibilities would be "to put forward draft laws for referendum and (...) to restructure the security and military apparatus," the statement said.

The FSA also envisaged "the development of solutions for civilians who took up arms during the revolution," adding that they "could be incorporated in new security and military institutions."

No one should  argue these heroic  people who based on ground, carried out their heroic battle with their blood for the revolution, they should be first foremost credited their contributions, make sure US very  consideration of this profound sentiment a part post criminal transitions, also these emerging leadership, they earned their respect from their people for betterment for their courageous battle - not given to them their  position because of association criminal  -  not tainted by,  is very important for the future Syria stabilization, yes they will be wise and  graces  what they have stood for their Syria their people! On Facebook,  already some of very charismatic revolutionist leaders are sprung up,  Syrian people gild them with their affection!