Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keep Try -Stinger Missiles


The Obama administration, shifting its focus away from deadlocked UN diplomacy over Syria, is now seeking ways to further bolster Syrian rebel forces, including increased supplies of communications equipment and sharing of intelligence, US sources said on Monday.

The stepped-up US effort to assist the fractious Syrian opposition comes as Washington turns to like-minded Western and Arab countries to help ratchet up pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose vulnerability was laid bare last week with a deadly bomb attack on his inner circle.
That bold attack, together with rebel offensives in Syria's two biggest cities and a double-veto of a Syria sanctions resolution at the United Nations, has spurred US officials to intensify contingency planning for Assad's possible fall from power.
US officials insist that they have no plans for now to send lethal weapons to Syria's rebels, a step the White House has publicly ruled out.

But Washington is preparing to provide additional communications equipment and training to help the opposition improve its command-and-control capabilities for coordinating their fighters.
"We want to support them becoming more cohesive, both in terms of their ability to put together a common vision but also their ability to communicate and be in touch with one another," a senior US official told Reuters.

This is a great development, you see wind blow one direction! That chishie veto no place for Syria! Gosh whenever I think of unsc make so angry now I can’t tell how happy I am! Anyway, I can understand why Yankee disagree lethal weapon,  the FSA should keep persuasion to need of   Stinger missiles et al, never give up, continually they need  them until the Yankee agree!  They like people keep try and never give up! FSA need  Stinger missiles for sure!