Friday, July 6, 2012

So Many Meaningless Friends

"After so many conferences, we fail to see how we have so many friends and people are dying every day," he told the group during a fiery address. "Help us put an end to this massacre."

We Need Few even one meaningful friend that help us to stop the Killing!!  no more meetings and conferences but we need  decisive  action! Criminal assad only has few deceive friends help him carried out this massacre we only need few friendship that help us stop this mad killings!  looking at this, the Paris  meeting, they say 100 countries attended, for what? Their mutton faces around traps that overlapping so many little dead children faces! Their disguised and disfigured doggish spiritual rumination!    
No one want to take responsibility and accountability, well what the 100 countries contribute 5-10 million each that would be over 500 million and  some countries do more if they can afford, Gulf nations- arming the FSA and non-fly zone and same time sanction and NATO should involved without go through UNSC 


SUMMARY (06/07/2012): At the so-called "Friends of Syria" meeting more than 100 countries listened to speeches and decided AGAIN that Assad should go, without providing any idea how except to increase sanctions. While they were listening to speeches, at least 73 martyrs fell across the country. Assad's forces entered the town of Khan Shaykhun after heavy shelling, while the FSA successfully ambushed convoys of Assad's forces in the northern suburbs of Aleppo. Meanwhile, clashes between the FSA and the regime's forces are getting closer to Assad's bedroom in Damascus, while in the suburb of Daraya an entire family was massacred.

Yes a big deal listen to speeches... and decided AGAIN...  a big a huge deal...Hooray!


My smart bravery friend  show how to brave to the world leadership 


Shehadi said that the crisis in Syria constituted a political and non-violent revolt against the Assad family and his regime, and that elements of sectarian violence were an unfortunate offshoot of the violent struggle that grew out of the protest movement. This view is largely shared by opposition activists.

“No way that the civil war is going to happen,” said Mohammad. “The Free Syria Army only attacks army and shabiha not the Alawite citizens.”
“The simple story is that we witnessed a momentum in civil uprising and parallel to that, a momentum of violent oppression formed. It is not civil war, but a state in war against its people,” said Sayedomar.

It is indeed, the FSA very careful vocal about they are not against other sects but only attacked shabiha… Assad criminal create sectarian tension, the only way  he can access Alawite support through divided conquer kind of tacit.  Few weeks back criminal Assad on his new cabinet meeting he declared that Syria at “ war” at the time all the west blistering about his comment, but what the West missed out is that  his comment was very calculated one, knowing West allies no desire to military involved any civil war, so he cucualted comment make sure West no involved “ civil war” , but we are no fully aware that  “It is not civil war, but a state in war against its people,”

Hey “friend of Syria” this post title “So Many Meaningless Friends” is bit mean to you but my comment is true I believe, you can imagine, day after day so many people are being killed, while you have carried so many conferences after conferences, dogs days panic picnic!  There is no solution but meaningless talking to wring out! Ditch UNSC,  it is useless one! Cleary Annan plane is dogs unwanted scurfy  pooh pooh food.   We have to find solution, the war is not civil war but Assad criminal against Syrian people!  Removing  him and  his few cronies that would cleanest cheapest!  i) keep doing what you are doing iii) no fly zone and safe zone for defectors and FSA, iii) arming FSA and iv) increase a huge propaganda for defection v) NATO allies somehow flaunting muscle around along with boarder! You know, rich Gulf States want to backing –collectively oil rich  $Trillion  GDP, I saw Ms Clinton said that Afghanistan  is their “best friend”- well after US spend more than $Trillion in Afghanistan, they  earn that “best friendship”-  but US don’t need to spend $Trillion on Syria, would earn that “best friendship”  only remove criminal   – anyway criminal is almost finished but speed up!--- bit speed up, that won’t be cost much allied with rich friends you would can call Syria “ best best(double best) friend!” you have get the power you have get the skill you have get the technology, you have get the rich friends and you just bit of “just do it!”

This song for my dear friends!  

Hoping their dream of freedom will flush  soon in their Syria