Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kind to Myself   - One of the most most splendour moment! 

Hoping sunset tonight, some time so sheer of luck he is just there for you with his immense splendour merciless phenomenon, the glittering hero who brings his justice to world! You have just there for him with awe that is all, it was no sunset last night though,  but a dark cloudy twilight dwelling at lone sea, was deep profoundly reflective mood, scented waves were preparing her night, her immensity neither vile nor evil as I told her that was ok, she was a frivolous lightly hearted child yet immense capacity of profundity, mind of her lone and dreamy crystal clear, she opens her heaven to brings her distant at the bay along with tales,  so many seashell tales, carved at white pearly tales washed up at her justices bay, that is her aplomb of reign!