Sunday, July 15, 2012



 FSA# A Fallen hero from Deir Ezour # Leader of Ahrarr Alfurat battalion -Revolutionists of the Euphrates ...Commander hero Mujahahid Mohammad AlQatameer has been Martyred , he was killed by Assad forces while in combat.To the highest heavens Commander Mohammad AlQatameer 
To Allah swt we belong and to him we all shall return. 14/07/2012

I think Syrian people create their collective love, apart from their own individual religion which Assad criminal try to make a sectarian war,  Syria people make collectively their beloved  Syria as their commons love, apart from their own individual religion for worship, their should belive in their Love Syria= Sunnis+Alawites+Christian+Druze+ Judaism+ Yazidis +Folk spiritual = Love Syria, you either way you always end up with Love Syria one common love,  no one  against another for  LOVE THEIR SYRIA for sure! Perhaps then they can fight each other whose love is more profound and more passionate! Would you like see my heart? My heart is more red than your heart! NOP my heart  more hotter than your heart! I mean if you love your country how can you  kill your own people? Destroy all these towns cities, drive so many people out from their homes!  Believe or not!!! 


HERE  another defection among many many! River flow over steady steady and mass mass